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EBF baby with painful wind - any one tried Mylicon?

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Booboostoo Mon 19-Sep-11 11:52:36

DD is 14wks and EBF. Since about 7 weeks she has had pain when passing wind. She will pass wind and then breakd into inconsolable tears (we try the tummy rubbing, leg bicycling, etc. which helps a bit but not a lot). Some days are better than others but usually she is worse in the evening. I have tried changing my diet a bit but no change (e.g. less sugar, no chocolate, no orange juice, extra orange juice).

Has anyone tried Mylicon? I came across it on another forum.

Rootatoot Tue 20-Sep-11 11:25:05

I haven't heard of it but just wanted to reply to keep your thread bumped. My LO is 7 weeks and very windy. Has been for last 2 weeks really. I've been giving him infacol which seems to help but i think it just gets him to bring the wind up rather than getting rid of all tummy pain. He's mainly just affected in the evenings. We find keeping him upright helps. I let him just sleep over my shoulder after a feed in the evening as he just cries if I put him down on his back. Sorry I'm not much help to you. I hadn't heard about the orange juice thing being a problem. I'll watch my intake. I am bothered that my diet affects him but not sure what I can do about it as I don't eat any one thing in excess I don't think. I'm a veggie so tend to be a bit of a windy person myself (TMI!)

Booboostoo Tue 20-Sep-11 21:23:00


Kellymom says that milk is affected by what is in the mother's blood rather than what is in her digestive system so none of these really should make a difference, but I tried them all in desperation! It's such a shame as she is in pain and you would imagine someone would come up with something to help.

I have ordered some infacol to try (we are in France so it takes a while to get some things), hopefully it will do some good. DD is better lying down, doing bicycle legs and sometimes over the shoulder, but other times she is just inconsolable no matter what. Poor little mite!

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