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Bottle or cup?

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JenniferR Mon 19-Sep-11 11:15:17

Hi there
I'm starting my baby on solids and have been exclusively BF until now. Baby is 6 months in 3 weeks time and I've only been giving her baby rice with breast milk, will start proper solids at 6 months.
However I return to work in January (she'll be 8.5 months) and will need to start getting baby used to formula.
I wondered whether anyone can let me know, should milk feeds be given from a cup or bottle at 6/7months? I am clueless on this and Health Visitor hasn't really been much help.
Also, as baby won't take formula I'm going to try and mix it with breast milk initially. Has anyone done this before and if so what ratio of breast milk to formula have you used?
And one final it really bad to give formula during the day but BF first thing AM and last thing PM? Just want to try and give her breast milk until she's 12 months but won't manage whilst at work.
Thanks for any tips or advice.

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