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7 month old vomiting long feeds - am I feeding him too much solid food?

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Brightongirllovesgin Mon 19-Sep-11 01:18:00

He's a big solid boy - approx 23 lbs, and has 3 good meals a day. He's always been very controlled with b/f and when he's full will always pull off and fall asleep. He now only has 5 feeds in total, day and night and never really asks for it until he feels sleepy. However when he has both breasts he tends to vomit. It leaves me with very drained breasts which take a while to build themselves up for another feed. What do I do? Should I cut back on his solids even though theres pretty much no way he'll take any more feeds in the day...
He doesn't get upset about the vomiting - it can happen up to 2/3 times a week and I'm already worried he's not getting enough breastmilk, to see all this liquid gold being vomited is so depressing. Not sure what to do...

Fiolondon Mon 19-Sep-11 13:59:42

My oh is an osteopath and we talked about this the other day. Some babies can have trouble keeping solids down, milk is easier. Don't think you should cut back on solids tho unless you want to bf forever ;o
You could try cranial osteopathy and/or just reducing milk feeds a little, gradually so he's not over full. If you bf him to sleep now would be a good time to work on doing that less and switching to rocking/patting - esp if you plan to go out on your own before he is 3 or if you have to go back to work.
If it carries on and/or he gets distressed then maybe speak to a health visitor but it sounds slightly like one of those things he might grow out of!
Good luck.

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