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Cows milk at 11 months?

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SaffronCake Fri 16-Sep-11 23:31:23

DD has just turned 11 months. She's normally bottle fed with an anti-colic milk and she's a bit reflux-y. Otherwise she's usually healthy. I'm 8 months pregnant with another one.

We both have food poisoning and we're alone for the weekend. It's my fault, I made the wrong judgement call on some chicken. We're not too ill, running for a loo a bit and a washed out, nothing too dire, we don't need the doc or anything.


I've got 3oz, maybe 4oz of milk powder left. My fault again for not noticing I didn't have another box ready.

I could wait and go to Boots just down the road in the morning. There is also a 24hr Asda is 8 miles away on twisty roads but... we're both in PJ's so we'd need to change, plus I feel like shit and to top the lot she's asleep for the night now.

If you were me, would you just give her normal semi skimmed cows milk to tide her over the night, or would you feel there was really no option but the 24hr Asda?

Your thoughts?

DecapitatedLegoman Fri 16-Sep-11 23:35:21

It depends - has she had lots of cows milk products before with no problems, or does it exacerbate her reflux? What exactly is anti-colic about the formula? Nutritionally she'll be fine on semi for one or two feeds although full cream would be better, but a sudden change might upset her symptoms if they're not well controlled. You'll be a better judge of that than anyone else.

SaffronCake Fri 16-Sep-11 23:56:03

Thanks for replying Legoman.

She's used to cows milk, breakfast is usually cornflakes with cows milk and fruit, lunch often includes yoghurts, pudding often comes with custard, so it's pretty familiar. Some things make her more uncomfy or vomity, but dairy doesn't seem to be one of them.

The anti-colic milk is different because of something about longer chain molecules, or was it shorter? It all made sense at the time we were recommended by the Dr to change to it, but I can't remember now.

I agree on the full-fat, but we've run out, so that creates the same Asda-or-not dilemma.

DecapitatedLegoman Sat 17-Sep-11 00:03:51

It may be a hydrolysed formula - basically the protein molecules are blasted into small chunks and are therefore not recognised as allergens by the body. But if she seems fine with cows milk products then it's unlikely that milk will cause her any problems. I'd probably chance it, but I'm not a doctor and that's just my instinct. My only reservation is that she's already had an upset tummy so watch out for it taking a while to settle down. At 11 months she can probably make do with a banana or some toast in place of the milk anyway. My 12 month old had a bowl of chili con carne and rice for dinner tonight and scoffed the lot!

SaffronCake Sat 17-Sep-11 00:23:21

She's great on solids, she'll eat nearly anything. I would expect her to want a bottle overnight and another in addition to a solid breakfast. We might not need any milk before I can get my act together and go to Boots, but I went for worst case scenario.

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