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OMG - she's got thrush I think! help!

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MacMomo Thu 15-Sep-11 13:41:24

DD is 8mo, neither of us has had thrush ever but yesterday I notice white patches in her mouth and a white tongue, and it only just hit me this afternoon when I saw it again - it must be thrush? Where on earth would she have got it from? I rarely give her a bottle - perhaps from her dummy but still, where would it have come from? I have no symptoms! I have a doctor's appointment for tomorrow afternoon with a new GP and I'm not confident he will know anything (last one couldn't diagnose thrush in a friend that had a huge problem with it), so what should I ask for? Can I get anything this afternoon from our small village chemist? Should I use nipple shields to protect myself (I have some)?

MacMomo Thu 15-Sep-11 13:47:11

should i take canisten just in case?

crikeybadger Thu 15-Sep-11 14:53:14

Have a read of this.

May be good to print it out and take to gp if they are not up on these things.

Plus boil bras, dummies, any washable breast pads.

More suggestions here

Sorry for brief post- small toddler asleep on nap. smile

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