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DS3 (8 days old) is behaving so differently from the other DSs - is this normal?

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CinnabarRed Thu 15-Sep-11 12:04:40

Hi everyone

DS3 was born just over a week ago, and has taken me by surprise by developing a very different feeding pattern to either of my older boys. As it's so far outside familiar territory I'd appreciate your thoughts.

He feeds for 3 hour stretches, and gets a bit windy despite repeated (and apparently successful) winding. Other than winding and nappy changes, he wants to feed for pretty much all of those times. If DH takes him then he'll watch DH's face for a bit, but wants to come back for more milk after 5 mins or so.

He then crashes and sleeps for 5 hour stretches.

Yesterday was typical (or as typical as anything can be at 8 days):

- He fed from 2AM until 5:30AM
- then slept until 10AM when I woke him because I knew we had to leave at 11AM for his hearing test.
- He fed for an hour and would have fed for longer but I had to put him in the car.
- He slept from 11 until 1 and would have slept for longer but I woke him to take to breastfeeding clinic.
- He fed at clinic from 1 until 3, and would have fed longer but clinic was closing
- I walked him home in the sling (when he slept for 30 mins).
- He fed at home from 3:30 until 5
- then slept from 5 until 9
- Fed from 9 until 1:30
- Slept until 6:30
- Fed from 6:30 until 9.

My other boys used to fed for 45mins to an hour at this stage, then sleep for an hour or so, then wake to feed. So they were getting much more frequent feeds.

I'm worried that DS3 isn't getting enough milk, although there doesn't seem to be an issue with my supply, thankfully. He hasn't yet regained his birthweight (although he's only been weighed once since birth - at day 6 - and he'd only lost 150g). He seems so skinny compared to my big boys.

Does this sound normal to anyone? The BF counsellor raised her eyebrows a little but didn't seem to think it was a problem for DS3. But it's an issue for me - I need to spend more time with my older boys. And my norks are really uncomfortable by the time he's ready to feed.

If this is actually not uncommon then that's fine and we'll wait for this phase to pass.

But otherwise, if anyone has any tips for reducing the length of his feeding sessions, or managing his wind, I'm all ears!


CinnabarRed Thu 15-Sep-11 12:06:37

Oh, and should I be waking him more frequently to feed during the day?

And should I take him for walks in the sling to 'interrupt' feeding sessions when I know he's had a really good amount of milk already?

And when will be start to distinguish between night and day? I should know the answer to this, but it's amazing how quickly I forget the details of each one... blush

TIA again!

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 15-Sep-11 14:15:38

Cinnabar, I'd say it was pretty normal. if he is alert at times, producing plenty of wet nappies and the weight loss isn't an issue I'd say he was fine.

Cluster feeding is pretty common too, so please don't worry about that.

What did they say at the bfing clinic? Has the latch been checked and has he been checked for tongue tie? Have you tried breast compression?

Really not sure about the wind either other than get DH to wind him and take him out in the sling/car/pushchair so that you can have a break.

CinnabarRed Thu 15-Sep-11 15:51:47

That's great, thank you. He's just so different from the other two! I'll relax now.

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