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Reverse cycling or bad management from my OH?

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1catherine1 Thu 15-Sep-11 11:29:38

Ok, before I start, my OH and I do get on very well but he is very sensitive about me criticising any aspect of him looking after our DD who is 6mo next week so it makes it a delicate issue to bring up with him. Especially when it comes to my EBM as he has a tendency to treat it like formula and not worry about wastage.

I went back to work 2 weeks ago and now during the day my DD is looked after by my OH who doesn't start work until the afternoon (she spends an hour in nursery). At the start she would take 2oz a day of EBM which increased to 6oz a day by last Friday (so in one week). This week however she has not managed to drink more than 2oz in any day although she is cleaning the bowl of any solid food offered to her.

I'm wondering if a baby that chooses to reverse cycle would ever take 6 oz in a day and then decide not to do that again? I was also wondering if it is ok for her to go 8 hours on only a little bit of milk. She is sleeping through the night now (8pm till 6am) so I know she does it at night but to do it in the day too can't be ok confused can it?

Any advice on how to get him to understand how valuable my milk is would also be greatly appreciated. I've tried explaining (and slightly exaggerating) how long and painful expressing can be but with not success. If I have to throw away 4 oz again today I might actually kill him... But that is another issue completely... hmm Perhaps I could threaten him with preparing formula if he does it again - that is a faff...

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 15-Sep-11 12:21:39

Haven't got much experience 1catherine, but I'm a little confused by your post. If she is sleeping from 8pm till 6am then she isn't making up for her lack of milk during the day at night, which is what I understood reverse cycling to be.

As for getting her to take more milk during the day. Get OH to offer the milk an hour before offering solids, so if she has lunch at 12am with him, she sould be having her milk at 11am, not after the solids. At 6 months her main source of nutrition should still be your milk. Do you think doing it that way would encourage her to take more?

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