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"EBF" going out and formula

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Catslikehats Wed 14-Sep-11 13:24:53

Just curious to what others do really.

If you have a baby who takes solids but are still BF do you ever give formula if you go out?

DD is 7mths EBF and has been on solids for about 4 weeks. Up until now if I was going out without her (all of about 4 occassions) I would leave a bottle of EBF (which she has only ever taken once).

Now I am starting to go out a bit more (maybe one or two evenings) it is getting abit of a faff to express milk and since she is eating all sorts I am little less precious about her having formula, so think the odd bottle might suit.

What does everyone else do?

downpipe Wed 14-Sep-11 14:09:24

If she will take a bottle, I would definitely let her have formula in it.At this age I switched from BF to formula anyway as it co-incided with returning to work and childcare starting, even though it was only part-time.I had exclusively BF and expressed up until weaning.Once you see some of the things that they do end up eating as toddlers you realise that the odd bit of formula at 7 months is not a big deal.Don't feel guilty!

Catslikehats Wed 14-Sep-11 14:58:50

She'll take a bottle from anyone but me so that's ok.

She ate a KFC chip (or 2) from DC1's plate the other day so I have no idea why I feel so guilty but I do blush confused

worldgonecrazy Wed 14-Sep-11 15:06:15

We started giving a drink of cow's milk once a day around this age. We have no dairy or other allergies in the family though. If you want to skip a breastfeed in the evening then perhaps a yoghurt could be offered instead?

I'm a bit anti-formula, not because I think formula feeding is bad, but because I don't want to support the underhand methods of the companies who manufacture it.

MegBusset Wed 14-Sep-11 15:09:16

After about 6 months with DS2 I gave up expressing and left a carton of formula if I went out, I could never express more than an ounce or two anyway. As it happens, the one time he woke when I was out, he refused a bottle altogether and cried for an hour before falling asleep on DH!

Catslikehats Wed 14-Sep-11 15:12:14

world that is a good idea re yogurt - do yo know whether the actimal yogurt drinks are ok for 7mths?

worldgonecrazy Wed 14-Sep-11 15:30:59

sorry no idea. We just gave plain adult organic yoghurts. DD will eat a whole adult-sized yoghurt by herself.

Catslikehats Thu 15-Sep-11 12:18:58

Thanks again world - I am not in UK so adult organic yogurts would be a dream. My supermarket stocks artificial strawberry flavoured milk drink in a bottle with a teat confused lovely!

organiccarrotcake Thu 15-Sep-11 13:46:59

"artificial strawberry flavoured milk drink in a bottle with a teat" shock OMDG where is that???

Catslikehats Thu 15-Sep-11 17:12:09

I'm in the middle east, but the supermarket is French so I am not sure whether it is a local delicacy or a French import confused

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