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Help, I've created a monster boob!

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Queenkong Wed 14-Sep-11 04:45:51

13 weeks into EBF. Baby wakes every 2 hours through the night. Due to laziness mainly, I have perfected the art of bf while laying down. However, as baby always sleeps to my right (we co-sleep) this means hd gets the right boob all night. Have also had blocked ducts on the right side recently so have been consciously feeding from it to try and clear them. Now I think it's a bit overstimulated because it constantly feels full, whereas my left side now feels like it's empty constantly. Any ideas how I can redress the balance? Have started alternating again at night now but DS gets a but frustrated on the left side as there is presumably less milk there.

RitaMorgan Wed 14-Sep-11 08:29:45

Same thing happened to me - right was favourite/bigger boob and I fed off that side at night. I tried to start feeds from the left in the day when I remembered.

Have stopped bfing now and they are the same size again!

CountBapula Wed 14-Sep-11 08:39:49

Really hope mine even out when I stop bf (DS is nearly 1). My left is the favourite and at least one cup size bigger than my right.

<looks down mournfully at lopsided norks>

Queenkong Wed 14-Sep-11 08:42:20

Thanks Rita, reassuring to know I won't be lopsided for life!

Righty is so full, I've just managed to express off 3oz in 20mins. I never usually bother expressing as I get such paltry amounts out it's not worth it but I was so full and sore (and DS was full too) I had to - am worried about mastitis after my blocked duct experience. Lefty still only gave me a dribble. I know expressing will only exacerbate the problem but not sure what else to do when I'm so full. Any ideas anyone?

RitaMorgan Wed 14-Sep-11 08:44:03

I'd just hand express the minimum to stay comfy, and start the feed with the left before feeding from the right. It'll settle down.

Gincognito Wed 14-Sep-11 09:33:29

Mine are totally lopsided too - I think it's fairly common for either mum or baby to have a preference, especially if you are co-sleeping.

My ds is 10mo and unevenness is pretty bad (woman measuring me for a bra reckoned DD on the big side and a C on the other) but I am a) too lazy to do anything about it and b) reassured that the will even out eventually when ds stops feeding.

I really don't think anyone else notices. Even my dh didn't until I pointed out.

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