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6m old won't take bottle & NUK trainer cup not working?

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cherub59 Mon 12-Sep-11 17:20:33

Help! Am back to work at the start of nov and haven't managed to get ds3 to take a bottle. Ds1 and ds2 both took to bottle easily so need advice!!!

Tried getting him on bottle a few months ago but he got a chest infection so I stopped, then when tried again he started chewing on the teat and thought he could do the same on me so again stopped trying as he has teeth!

Tried the NUK trainer cup today which he initially seemed keen on but couldn't get any milk out and nor could I!!! Have I done something wrong? There didn't seem to be any instructions or anything special to do?

He is a really fast feeder so will get frustrated with anything slow.

Any advice much needed and welcomed!!

HumptyDumpty1 Mon 12-Sep-11 18:54:16

Have you tries a doidy cup? My DD found these very easy, also tommie yippie first beaker is free flow and she also copes with this really well smile

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