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How can I shift his night time sleep??

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Mampig Mon 12-Sep-11 09:07:35

Ok. So da is now nearly 11 weeks. Has been having his biggest night sleep between 7 and 12. I thought of dreamfeeding around 11- my bed time but he still woke at 1 am fir feed. Any suggestions as to how to shift this sleep pattern to work fir me?? As we co- sleep I'm not too bothered but any suggestions would be good as I don't intend to co-sleep beyond a couple more months ( wishful thinking??!!!) ps he's ebf. Oh and - FOR Is what I meant!!!

Mampig Mon 12-Sep-11 09:08:51

And that should be ds!!!

lilham Mon 12-Sep-11 09:17:24

My DD was like that when she was that age. I remember how frustrating it was. Can't offer any suggestions other than it'll fix itself.

RitaMorgan Mon 12-Sep-11 09:25:45

Unfortunately I didn't manage to do it! My ds was sleeping 7pm-3am, I tried doing an 11pm dreamfeed but he still woke at 3am regardless. After a week or so I tried dropping the dreamfeed but by then I'd just trained him to wake at 11pm too!

He then continued with 11pm and 3am feeds until he was over 6 months and I managed to shift the 3am one towards the morning. Didn't manage to drop the dreamfeed til 8 months. When I have another baby I think I'll just leave well alone and let them extend their sleep themselves.

I stopped co-sleeping at 5 months btw and that month of having to get up at 3am to feed ds in his room almost killed me grin

peedieworky Mon 12-Sep-11 09:34:02

Same story here am afraid. Used to wake at 1130ish then 2am then 4am. Gradually, his 11.30pm feed started getting later (a b*gger actually, as DH used to give him a bottle for that while I got an early night) till it merged with the 2am feed and then the same happened for the 4am feed.. I never co-slept or fed lying down as somehow found that worse. Equally, I never managed to get back to sleep easily after feeds so was just a walking zombie for the first 3 months! DS currently sleeps through (for now!) but I still wake at 2am and 4am. Bl**dy body clock.....

Mampig Mon 12-Sep-11 09:49:37

Thanks for your replies!! Somehow I thought as much!!! I'll leave him alone then as I don't want to train him into an extra feed!!! Maybe some day I'll get a full nights sleephmm. Other suggestions welcome though....

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