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How many bfeeds for weaning 6mth old?

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flowerfairy Sun 11-Sep-11 19:12:39

HAve been weaning for 3 weeks now and DD is on 2 meals aday. Still bfing at 7am, 10-11am ish and then a teatime feed and bedtime feed. However since last week she has been alittle constipated. No poo for 5 day sand then since then small quite solid poos including some about the size of a pea. SOme nights she seems to have suffered with some tummy ache and not slept through and has often been fed back to sleep, but now is back to sleeping through(touch wood). So am wondering whether an afternoon bfeed might help the pooing situation. Any ideas?

Parietal Sun 11-Sep-11 19:15:27

Dunno about the poo but 4 feeds doesn't sound like much to me. I reckon offer another feed. Even if it is a little one, it might help her sleep and can't do any harm.

RitaMorgan Sun 11-Sep-11 19:21:30

Agree with Parietal, 4 feeds doesn't sound like lots for a 6 month old.

Are you offering water with meals too? Lots of fruit and maybe stop any bananas or bread for the time being.

flowerfairy Wed 14-Sep-11 11:45:53

We've only offered veg and fruit so far and bananas only twice as she didn't seem very keen. I offer water with meals but she doesn't seem to drink much whilst eating. HAve increased bfeeds. Seems to be doing little poos a bit more regularly now too. Thanks for help.

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