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16 week old pulling off breast crying repeatedly towards end of feed.

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peedieworky Sat 10-Sep-11 09:19:51

Hi - my 16 week old (today!) DS took to BF very easily and I've been lucky to have had no problems. However, the past few days for his afternoon feeds only, he has started pulling off towards the end of the feed and crying angrily - as if there's no milk coming out. Now, I know your breast can't be empty (despite what well meaning bottle-waving rellies keep telling me!) but I am starting to lose confidence! Have tried burping him but it isn't that. When I switch sides (he always takes both at every feed) he seems content to begin with then starts struggling again and crying. I switched 6 times (ie fed each side 3 times yesterday!) and he was still crying inconsolably but when I handed him to DH (so I could nip for a wee!) he quickly was distracted and chirpy again. My BF peer support worker suggested a growth spurt but he hasn't increased his number of feeds. The only other thing I wondered about (but it may sound silly) is whether he's farty because I reintroduced bananas to my diet. Could this happen? I cut them out soon after my ECS as they were giving me unbearable wind (TMI?? shock) but started back on them around the same time as his problem began. And he has been a right parpy pants the last few days! I should maybe mention he does have a snuffly nose at the moment too, in case that could be an issue. Thanks in advance!

tiktok Sat 10-Sep-11 10:11:24

Most likely reason is he is signalling he wants to end the feed - babies go through learning spurts as well and they can be sometimes a bit conflicted, not knowing whether they want to carry on with the snuggly warmth of a feed or to break off and do some direct socialising and investigating smile

One thing to try is to simply take his wriggling and and crying as a sign he wants to do something else - not that he's frustrated that there's no milk (as if....). Take him off, cheer him up, play, talk and stop trying to 'get' him to feed.

Babies of this age take what they need from the breast in very short, quick, effective times, too.

juneau Sat 10-Sep-11 10:15:53

Yeah, I think tiktok is right - he's just done. My DS is 18 weeks and he now feeds extremely efficiently and quickly and doesn't need as long on the breast as he used to. Sometimes when he's tired and dozing he likes to stay on for a while, but usually he feeds and comes off within 10-15 mins. If you feel the bananas are a problem why not eliminate them again?

FormbyDoula Sat 10-Sep-11 10:18:54

Hi peedie, snuffly nose could be it if he is struggling to breathe and suck at the same time! Try changing the position eg trying to hold him more upright while he latches on.

At this age they often get a bit distracted during feeds, although it doesn't really sound like that, but they just get so interested in the world that they get a bit disinterested in long feeds. Taking him to a quiet room where there are fewer things to look at/distract him would help that.

If you instinctively feel it might be the bananas then definitely worth cutting them out for a week and seeing if it makes a difference.

puddock Sat 10-Sep-11 10:23:37

tiktok's advice is great.
When I read your OP, especially the mention of runny nose + parpy pants, I also wondered whether you might have some teething in the mix. mine both get those symptoms and feed more fussily when they're cutting a tooth, FWIW.

peedieworky Sat 10-Sep-11 11:27:47

Thanks all. That's really interesting re wanting to stop feeding and something I'd never have thought of! Guess my confidence isn't that great and initial panic is always that it's somehow down to me. Bananas are gone just in case - don't think my nostrils could cope with further episodes!

FormbyDoula Sat 10-Sep-11 12:54:09

You have got to 16wks EBMing your LO - you are doing great! Well done. Relax and enjoy it - you have made it through the tough bit. Just keep feeding him whenever he wants and you can't go wrong!

peedieworky Mon 12-Sep-11 12:37:14

Thanks again everyone. Tiktok was spot on! DH is so impressed by the wonder of MumsNet he is keen to start up a DadsNet (or he was until he got distracted by the rugby...)

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