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do we abandon night weaning when teething?

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Moulesfrites Thu 08-Sep-11 20:28:56

About two weeks ago my 7mo ds's night waking were becoming too much for me to deal with. He started waking 5/6 times per night and I was feeding him back to sleep every time. he is on 3 meals a day and still has 3/4 bfs a day plus a dream feed. We therefore decided that dh would go in with water if he stirred between 12 and 5. This was very succesful and he cut down to 1/2 night feeds very quickly. (I never really intended to fully night wean, just to cut down)

However, today I noticed one of his top incisors is coming. He has already woken once tonight having gone to bed at 6.30, and we have given him nurofen. He is likely to wake more often tonight because of the tooth - is it worth dh trying to settle him or shall I just feed him? I don't want to undo our work so far, but on the other hand the worst thing would be for him to scream for half an hour for dh and then me give in and feed him as that will just confuse him?

Moulesfrites Thu 08-Sep-11 21:29:19

anyone, sorry for bump but just looking for an answer before he wakes up again!

TheRealMBJ Thu 08-Sep-11 21:43:44

Hmm... It's a difficult decision but personally, for me, I would shelve any weaning/sleep training during times of distress. Whether that be teething or illness (or even developmental leaps). They do tend to go back to the previous level faster after the problems are sorted with less fuss than before.

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