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Unsentimental talking to re stopping BF please!

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knittinganonymous Thu 08-Sep-11 15:25:24

DS is 8 months and is mostly BFed, although has also had formula regularly pretty much from day 1. As much as I have been happy to BF, I do get annoyed with the way 'breast is best' is shoved down our throats and people who don't do it can be made to feel like they are doing some kind of injustice to their kids. I was planning on BFing until one, but also said 'until he starts biting me'. His first teeth came through about 6 weeks ago and I happily remained unbitten - until this morning - bloody hell that hurts! But now I've come over all unnecessary about stopping breastfeeding. Just a couple of weeks ago some friends were talking about not feeling ready to stop BFing when their kids turned one, and I thought 'how daft', but now I am feeling all sentimental about it myself - ie 'oh it's like he doesn't need me any more' / it isn't fair on him / I 'should' be BFing it until 1... which I know is all bullshit, so pliz for some good, sensible words of wisdom?!

I will probably give him a few more goes to see if he persists with the biting. I have recently swapped one BF for a FF, and was planning on switching one at a time over the next few months.

NB - The opinions contained in this thread are in no way a judgement on the choices or behaviour of others and are not looking for a bunfight/slanging match about BF/FF rights and wrongs wink

mamsnet Thu 08-Sep-11 15:29:08

OK, seeing as you say you're not looking for a bunfight I won't rise to it either..
Two things: You don't have to stop BFing because baby has learned how to bite.. By making sure the nipple is far enough into the mouth and saying avery firm ¨no¨ when he tries, you should be fine. I can't explain as well as I'd like right now but I bet will sort you out.
The other thing, cut feeds gradually.. much easier for both of you. again go to kellymom.

Cosmosis Thu 08-Sep-11 16:42:47

There are various ways to stop biting, taking off and saying no or pulling them in further to the breast being two off the top of my head. DS only bites when he’s teething as well, so you may find just because he’s done it doesn’t mean it happens all the time.

Otoh if you do decide to stop, as mamsnet says, do it slowly or you could end up with mastitis etc, and then give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

MigGril Thu 08-Sep-11 17:28:56

Both mine have been throug bitting phases and it doesn't last long they learn very quikly not to do it. (DS is only 10months and has 6 teeth now)

Stop if you want to but, you will need to give formula instead. Where as if you wait till one you can move straigh onto cows milk.

I couldn't have contemplated stopping DD at 12months she just wasn't ready she still loved her milk at that age. Remeber the WHO recomends AT LEST 2 YEARS. The world average for weaning is actually aroung 4 1/2 years and that included all the westerners who only do it for a few week's or not at all. We're not desinged to stop feeding our young so early so maybe that's why they don't feel like stopping nothing sentimental about it maybe it's just mother natrure trying to tell them what is biologicaly normal for our speacies. Just because it doesn't seem to fit with modern living or some of our western ways of thinking doesn't make them wrong.

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