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Overfeeding??? HELP!

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BullyBeefBadgers Thu 08-Sep-11 09:21:35

My DD started off being BF but became jaundiced and had other problems so was mixed fed expressed BM and some formula - never huge amounts as she would bring up large quantities so we used demand feeding to guide us. Since a growth spurt a few months ago we switched to FF completely as I couldn't keep up and my supply stopped almost overnight. Its been 2 months now and she has gained a centile and is moving into the next one. She doesn't feed too much - she has 2 240ml feeds in the morning 3 hours apart and then a 200ml one at around 2pm, followed by a final much smaller one at 6ish which is her last one. She sleeps 11 hours at night so has no more milk until the next morning. She has what she demands in that after such a long sleep she wants two bigger feeds in the morning and trying to space them out more makes her very grumy and hungry so I won't try and get her to 4 hour spacings in the morning. As the day goes on she comes off the bottle when she has had enough so I don't think Im overfeeding. Anyway have stopped taking her to HV as she just keeps telling me to drop another feed???? I refuse to do this as I know she needs the feeds when she sleeps so well at night. Do you think I should be concerned about the weight gain, or was her weight gain low at first because she was being combination fed and was unwell? She always struggled with the teats - it would take her a long time to extract the milk and she would fall asleep because she was tired until I switched to variflow and now she is gaining. Sorry for such a long message - just worried!

BullyBeefBadgers Thu 08-Sep-11 09:21:54

Oh btw she is 4 months

4madboys Thu 08-Sep-11 09:38:38

so she has four feeds in a day? and your hv wants her to drop another one?!! thats madness, my dd is 9mths and still has four bottles in a day.

she is sleeping well, gaining weight and yes probably catching up!

the first three feeds equal 680ml, how much does she have for the smaller one? i dont think it sounds like she is havnig too much formula at all!

4madboys Thu 08-Sep-11 09:41:05

my formula box recomends 5 feeds of 180ml a day so 900ml a day of formula, your dd isnt having that much, so how can you be overfeeding her?!!

thats the amount for a 3-5mth old btw.

BullyBeefBadgers Thu 08-Sep-11 09:59:26

Yes thats what I thought - the last feed she has between 100ml and 150ml. I know the dropping of a feed seemed insane! I stood there and stared at her when she said it like shock Really???? shock. I guess I was worried when she said it was abnormal not to stick to the centiles but she doesn't seem to be having any problems. shes rolling over, can almost sit up unsupported, babbles etc so no developmental problems. I guess you just jump to conclusions and think that you're overfeeding your baby, making her obese etc but HV are only going off a chart and not your baby IYSWIM? So you reckon just ignore? takes deep breath .... I am inclined to worry!!

4madboys Thu 08-Sep-11 11:51:53

she sounds normal to me, and LOTS of babies go up and down percentiles! my dd was born on the 50th or just above and is now on the 91st but she is OFF the chart for her lenght (dp is 6ft tall) all my boys were big as well.

BUT she has always had much LESS milk than she should have! never more than 25oz a day and once on solids it was a real struggle to get the minimum recomended 20oz a day into her. she now has 6oz in the morning, 5oz at lunch and dinner and 4oz at bedtime but she often doesnt drink the whole bottle, she eats well, i make her porridge with formula and give her cheese, yog etc.

i am REALLY suprised you have been told to cut down a feed, esp as she is having less than the amount recomended for her age, mad hv!

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