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suddenly lactating eight months after giving up bf

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nicknameshame Wed 07-Sep-11 22:52:54

i have breastfed both my children and now eight months after finishing bf the second one i am getting shooting pains in one boob and milk. this happened after the first one too. should i be worried?

maisie215 Thu 08-Sep-11 06:50:46

Probably worth popping to your gp to get some tests. There can be some sinister causes of this which are worth ruling out. Saying that I had a friend this happened to and it turns out her hand bag was rubbing her boob and stimulating milk production after stopping bfing. Hopefully it's nothing but I would def get it checked.

maisie215 Thu 08-Sep-11 06:51:56

Sorry missed the fact it happened last time. Prob nothing but still i would see gp.

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