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2/3 nights away from breastfed 7 month old.

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neepsntatties Wed 07-Sep-11 21:54:50

Will it be awful? She eats well and will take expressed milk fine but I feel anxious. I also need to decide whether to stay two or three nights. I only need to stay two but the friend I have is performing on the third night and it seems daft to just miss it but on the other hand dd still feeds over night.

jandmmum Thu 08-Sep-11 01:29:09

I went away for 2 nights ( best part of 3 days) when DD was 6 months and not yet on solids. I expressed around every 4 hours except enjoyed a longer overnight stint of around 8 hours. She ended up needing a bottle once a day for a week or after. still feeding at 13 months so can be done.

neepsntatties Thu 08-Sep-11 02:26:48

Why did she need a bottle? Did your milk production get messed up?

SofiaAmes Thu 08-Sep-11 04:39:02

I did this when dd was about that age. Brought hand pump with me and expressed once or twice when my breasts were about to explode. Altogether it was fine. Didn't mess up milk production, didn't mess up dd and didn't mess me up either. It was quite nice to have a break too!!!

jandmmum Thu 08-Sep-11 18:57:57

it all went a bit pear shaped as she'd just been fed as I arrived home and so had to express as I hadn't for about 8 hours due to travelling. took about a week to get back into routine. probably didn't need to have but i'd not expressed as much as I would have fed so felt my supply may have dwindled a bit. she took to solids fast though so it didn't really matter in the end and I soon cut out the bottles.

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