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Bf baby having difficulty latching

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OrangeGloss Wed 07-Sep-11 14:45:16

He's 6 days old and when he gets on he feeds well...but it's getting him on to start with that's the problem. He seems to grabs for it with his mouth but doesn't latch then gets frustrated. Sometimes it can take 10 minutes to get him on. The MWs say my technique is good but he may need time

He had a tongue tie cut yesterday which I thought would solve it but he still fusses which upsets me as I don't like seeing him like this.

Has anyone else had this? And how did you solve or how long did it last?

iloveholidays Wed 07-Sep-11 14:54:58

Hi OrangeGloss - Congratulations.

I've not had this, both of my girls had TT but they were snipped on the 3rd day (coincidence) and latched on well after the snip, however the consultant that did the snip did say to me that its unusual to have an immediate impact and usually takes a few days-a week (I think). I'd give it a few days, as much skin-to-skin as possible and stick with it - sounds like you're doing great.

Good luck

EauRouge Wed 07-Sep-11 14:55:07

Congrats on your DS smile It must be frustrating for both of you! If you try and create a nice relaxing atmosphere then it might be easier for you both. You could try biological nurturing, lots of skin-to-skin (maybe take a bath together) and/or carrying him around in a sling to see if that helps. 6 days is tiny and it can take a little while to get the hang of it. Keep trying, you'll get there!

organiccarrotcake Wed 07-Sep-11 14:59:58

MWs are right, really. After a TT snip it may take a while for him to learn to latch well (a couple of days). Great news that you had it done so quickly!!!

You might like to look at really focusing on the basics of positioning/attachment. Getting yourself into a good, comfortable position ready for a good long feed (cushions if you need them, drink and cake grin), getting your LO in a nice, straight line, tummy to tummy, nose to nipple. Waiting for the nice wide gape that hopefully he can now do and bring him on quickly. It's ok if it takes a few goes/10 minutes/etc, because it's more important that it's right so he learns to latch well. So as to avoid him getting upset I would be looking for feeding cues well before crying - hands in mouth, lip smacking (

That way you're not trying to latch a starving baby so it may be easier all round.

Try to relax and don't worry about the fussing if you can. I know it's tough, but it will get better and hopefully you're en route now to a smooth breastfeeding relationship, now the TT is done.

You may wish to consider contacting Milk Matters ( - she does a free telephone and email service and specialises in TT. You can also find her on Facebook - The Analytical Armadillo.

Booboostoo Wed 07-Sep-11 15:23:42

Congratulations on the new arrival!!

My DD had problems with her latch (caused me a lot of pain) and I found this leaflet extremely useful:
There might be something in there to help you too.

OrangeGloss Thu 08-Sep-11 00:54:43

Wow thanks so much for your replies, it's good to know it isn't just me, and I should give it more time.

There is some really good advice and I'll have a good look at those links

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