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Breast and bottle feeding in Cyprus - advice please

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CJMommy Mon 05-Sep-11 22:19:58

A few queries relating to breast and bottle feeding.

Preparing formula?? How should I do this? With boiled tap water or bottled water - is this a daft question blush? DD will be 9 months when we go.

Also, as it'll be hot (i hope) what water should she drink?
Anyone know of which formula is available, she's currently on Aptamil?

How have others managed formula feeding an under one abroad - any advice welcome.

She's still bf in a morning but have cut down to one feed due to going back to work. However, supply is still good (ish) so just wondering what attitudes to bf in public are? (Going to Paphos)


organiccarrotcake Mon 05-Sep-11 22:24:36

In my experience, NIP is perfectly acceptable (more so than here even).

I'd always go with boiled tap water over bottled water, personally, both for drinking and for making up formula.

Can you up the BFs for the duration of the holiday to avoid the formula hassle? Just a thought!

wigglesrock Tue 06-Sep-11 09:41:06

I brought my own formula on holiday this year with a 4 month old, although we ran out and jut switched to local brand with no hiccups at all. I made mine up with the bottled water (lower sodium brand - baby on back of bottle of water to indicate this). You can definitely get Cow & Gate ok, there is info in MN travel section re formula brands abroad - you may have to search for older posts. Have a great time.

CJMommy Wed 07-Sep-11 13:57:00

Thanks both. That info helps. Was going to take ready made cartons on the plane just in case bf doesn't satisfy hersmile

organiccarrotcake Wed 07-Sep-11 14:52:40

Hmm, I think you have to order in the cartons from the shops on the other side of the security at the airport - don't think you can take it through (but I'm not sure about this). Worth checking.

It's good for her ears if she can BF while you take off and land, as you probably know smile

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