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Breast-feeding a 1yr+ old and newborn stories please

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Dozeyland Mon 05-Sep-11 20:14:43

I am still breast-feeding my 10mo, but might fall pregnant within the next few months (would be lovely) so im not sure how i'd feel about still feeding my first girl. and we both LOVE the breastfeeding bond, and im going to find it hard stopping that with her, after all we taught eachother how to do it. smile

organiccarrotcake Mon 05-Sep-11 21:54:49

smile Good luck with baby number 2 smile

There's a BFing while pregnant thread where you may well get some useful answers. Prob worth re-posting there.

You don't need to stop, of course, unless you want to. There's some lovely books as well such as Adventures in Tandem Nursing:

Dozeyland Tue 06-Sep-11 09:06:48

I'm just not sure if I'll have enough energy feeding both. I mean what I am unsure of
Is when I decide it is time to stop with dd1. Just how Is the best way and how I will feel emotionally too.
I just feel like I'll be cheating her if/when this next baby comes along. Silly I know!

EauRouge Tue 06-Sep-11 11:04:59

There's a BF and pregnant support thread here that you might find helpful.

I am tandem feeding my girls, DD1 is almost 3 and DD2 is 6 months. I haven't found myself to be any more tired than usual, just a lot more hungry!

Adventures in Tandem Nursing is a great book, it's cheaper to buy direct from LLL or if there is a groupe near you then you should be able to borrow a copy. It's got lots of ideas about weaning if that's one of your options, if you went to a group then you could also talk to a BF counsellor about finding a way that would work for you and your DD.

If you want to talk more about tandem feeding then there are a few of us on MN that do it, I have found it easier than I expected and I really think it has helped DD1 to adjust to being a big sister rather than an only child.

Good luck TTC smile

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Tue 06-Sep-11 13:37:24

hi dozey (think i've been on another one of your threads recently...)
I'm 36 wks and bf ds. He was ten months when i fell pg and i was unsure what to do. I found support on here (inc the bf while pg thread) and read adventures and have decided to carry on bfing him.

I don't think making milk is tiring, though tandem night turn out to be emotionally taxing iyswim.
However having a toddler and a new born will always be tiring, bf or none. I'm looking at bf as being one way of getting everybody still and quiet and happy (hopefully all at once).

Even through my pg i've been very very glad to be able to nurse a tired toddler to sleep, rather than walk him round in a buggy or listen to him cry.

Good luck ttc. Do pop in to the bf while pg thread. smile

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