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A quick bit of advice about gaviscon and EBF baby, if you wouldn't mind?

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DontShootTheDog Mon 05-Sep-11 14:14:20

Be very grateful. Do I really need to use the amount of water it states (15mls) as it is a lot to syringe into the baby and seems very watery - would it be ok to use less water? He also keeps dribbling it out; any tips, I am a bit crap! I have high hopes for tonight as just got this today. I know I'll be disapointed if it doesn't work miracles smile

DomesticGoddess31 Mon 05-Sep-11 15:18:47

Hi, the crazy amout of liquid it says you need baffled me too. You can use less liquid but my DD would just spit it back out. I gave up witn the syringe and now mix it with 15ml of expressed breast milk and feed it to my DD in a bottle. She takes it fine as long as its before her feed while shes hungry. Means I can easily mix in the infacol too. Good luck!

organiccarrotcake Mon 05-Sep-11 16:00:48

You can use less water - that's fine. It's also worth looking at other causes of reflux other than the stomach valve one - eg cow's milk protein intolerance (common), wheat intolerance (rarer), tongue tie (there's a theory that this is strongly related to reflux). It might be worth looking at, if you can, removing all trace of cow's milk protein from your diet (including every bit of it in biscuits, cakes, even crisps) Look out also for skim milk powder and also casein. Give it about 2 weeks and see if there's an improvement. Certainly nicer for bubs than taking Gaviscon although it's a bit of a pain for mum. Often it's possible to re-introduce CMP when babies reach around 6 months and it's not necessarily going to mean that you baby can't have CMP directly - but if it does make a difference it's worth avoiding them having anything with CMP in, including formula, for 6 months+, if this is possible.

Hope this gives you some ideas. Gaviscon can be a really helpful drug but if it's possible to treat the cause, not the symptoms, it's nicer all round (and saves the hassle with the stuff!). I gave it to DS1 and found I was getting the worst of all worlds, having to bottle feed (the IG) and breastfeed afterwards, rather than getting all the benefits of one or the other. With DS2, when he was refluxy from birth, I went along to get the IG but it gave him terrible constipation, so then someone mentioned looking at other reasons for the reflux other than assuming it was an undeveloped stomach valve and I found that it's often caused by other things. For us, the CMP worked a treat and DS2 has since been shown to be severely CMP intolerant.

DontShootTheDog Mon 05-Sep-11 16:47:12

Thanks very much both, very helpful. i have done a half hearted attempt to cut out dairy but didn't realise it was in so many things. i have been having soya milk and stopped having cheese but thats about it!

organiccarrotcake Mon 05-Sep-11 20:16:19

Sadly it's an all or nothing thing - but - you can do trials of things once you've got past 2 weeks of complete removal of everything. Give it a go, if no reaction then keep it in your diet and try something else. If all else fails, Booja Booja chocolate is dairy free and FABULOUS!!! (if pricey). It kept me going while I was 100% DF which was about 8 months. DS is just being trialled with bits of dairy now at 14 months and I'm term BFing, partly to ensure he gets his "dairy" no matter what happens with the intro trials.

Good luck!

F1rstT1meMummy Mon 05-Sep-11 20:26:45

Watching with interest... my DD is constantly sick, and seems to have some of the symptoms listed on the reflux thread. although she is always sick, she is very content, so the Dr didnt seem to concerned this morning when i took her. my husband is intolerant to cows milk and has lacto free milk.
Organic orange cake - what sort of things do you need to cut out, and what alternatives are there for milk?
Many thanks

organiccarrotcake Mon 05-Sep-11 21:42:44

It's carrot cake - and you can't eat that, either grin. I just posted on your other thread actually. If she's content that's a great sign and I personally wouldn't consider medicating in that case, provided her weight picks up.

If you give it a go, you need to cut out everything that's made from cow's milk, so the obvious stuff - butter, yoghurt, cheese, even spreads with buttermilk - so most margerine spreads. Anything with casein, skim milk powder (check labels on biscuits, crisps, breakfast cereals, anything pre-packed). Tinned or packet soups usually have cream in, fresh pasta often has cheese in, as does pasta sauce. Even things like bread and crumpets (I love crumpets!) have milk in. Some coatings - say onion rings or scampi have milk in. If you're eating out you need to get the restaurant to check. Consider pizza with BBQ sauce instead of tomato and no cheese and your normal topping - it's delicious! Most packaged foods nowadays have allergy advice so avoid things which say they have milk in on the allergy list, although things which say they're made in a factory which uses milk will be ok. The "free from" aisle at your supermarket will become your best friend.

Lacto free milk is not suitable as it's not a lactose intolerance, it's a cow's milk protein intolerance which is quite different.

Consider rice milk, oat milk or soya milk (although I personally avoid soya). Rice milk is nice on cereal but tastes quite different. I also like it in tea, but I've used rice milk for years so I'm used to the taste. Oat milk is slightly less sweet and needs a really good shake before use. Either way consider choosing the version with added calcium for obvious reasons, and keep up your calcium with calcium rich foods (Google this).

I did try my own BM in tea but didn't like it. A step too far? Maybe, but the usual alternative is just the lactation of another species so I don't care! But I didn't like the taste, not to mention it's ok doing the squirt in my own kitchen, but I didn't think I'd feel happy about doing it in the canteen at work grin. LOL. But it may work for you.

I use Vitalite dairy-free spread which isn't bad if you're used to spreads rather than butter. Sainsburys do a free-from spread which is healthier (Vitalite is full of palm oil which I normally try to avoid) but it doesn't taste of anything.

Booja Booja for chocolate grin or dairy-free from the free-from aisle.

If you want to try this and want ideas for alternatives just start a new thread and I'll look out for it (may then be useful for others).

F1rstT1meMummy Tue 06-Sep-11 08:40:33

Thank you organiccarrotcake (sorry for the name mistake, blush ) - I have just read your reply. The sickness doesn't bother her really, sometimes she gets upset before she is sick, and often makes a face like it tastes unpleasant. She is sick often straight after, which just runs out/sometimes gains some speed, and then will be sick ages after which is lumpy and is rather smelly. I guess this, combined with not feeding correctly will inhibit weight gain, but I am getting her weighed tomorrow to see how much she has put on over the last week.

There are some days which are better than others, which makes me think it is diet related. I cant for example eat anything spicy as it really upsets her. Do you know how long it takes to notice a difference when you cut certain foods out?

I have started an alternative thread.

sheeplikessleep Tue 06-Sep-11 15:06:30

Are you squirting the syringe into the back of the cheek?

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