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DontShootTheDog Sun 04-Sep-11 09:38:54

Has anyone tried this and is it any good? I am taking DS2 to Drs tomorrow to query silent reflux and try to get some gaviscon to try. HV recomended this but it is so expensive I wondered if Dr would prescribe it in case Gaviscon doesn't work. I am so desperate for sleep. He is EBF so how gard will it be to administer (I don't express but suppose I could do, will I need to get bottles and sterilisers etc?). DS is 9 weeks. Thanks.

YogaMummy2B Sun 04-Sep-11 14:51:42

Don't bother! If you are EBFing then it's HIGHLY unlikely that Colief will make any difference.
My advice is to cut out dairy from your diet for at least 2 weeks to see if that helps and get some ranitidine from the GP tomorrow. My GP didn't even bother with infant gaviscon as I was EBFing at that time too & realised it would be a total pain to administer.
You might have to push hard for the ranitidine but it will be worth labouring the point about breast feeding if your LO does indeed have silent reflux.
Ranitidine takes a few days to kick in so you will see a difference by mid/end of the week I that is the issue.
Really do cut out all dairy from your diet too as a huge amount of silent reflux is caused by dairy intolerance.

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