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Advice on ff previously ebf 5mo

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sleepdodger Sun 04-Sep-11 05:50:04

Ds was Ebf to 4 months then started to introduce a ff at 10pm to see if it had any positive effect in sleep and to give me a small amount of time off, it didn't really make much difference but we stuck with it. We used the pre mix cartons of aptamil, sometimes ds would take full 7oz other times maybe just 4oz
we then started weaning, early, on advice of hv (& my intention anyway my ds seemed and was well ready)

we're now in a routine of small bf, small purée, bath, bottle, bed by 815, and this week have started to use the powder formula instead (which seems totally different in consistency & smell to premix?!) and I would like to gradually pull forwards the routine by an hour to then give another bottle around 11/12pm (as after the initial stint he wakes more frequently, hungry) but how do you do it?

I'm really confused by all the advice on how to make it up safely, should I boil &leave the water to cool totally on side, then add powder, mix & warm as 'milk' when wanted or do I cool, make up formula & leave etc? Hv gave me a leaflet which I understand for usual day feeds but what do you all do at night so you are 'safe' and quick to get a warm feed to your baby?

I realise this is prob v stupid of me butci don't want to get it wrong and poison my pfb with bacteria cos I got it wrong!!

sleepdodger Sun 04-Sep-11 05:51:18

Sorry for length & thank you for your help in advance, it posted before I finished the last sentence!!

RitaMorgan Sun 04-Sep-11 06:56:23

The important thing is that the powder goes into very hot water to kill any bacteria - 70c is ideal as it is hot enough to kill bacteria but not so hot as to destroy all the vitamins. A litre of water boiled and left in the kettle for no more than 30 minutes should be around 70c, but you may want to get a thermometer and experiment as there is quite a variation.

If you want to make a bottle in advance, make it up hot then cool it quickly under a tap or in a bowl of ice water and store in the back of the fridge. The sooner you use it the better, and never keep in more than 24 hours.

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