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DD suddenly feeding less often

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Eglu Sat 03-Sep-11 19:09:40

DD is almost 10 weeks old and suddenly in the last couple of days has started going for 3 hours or more between feeds in the daytime. Before that I think it was only 1.5 to 2 hrs. Just now she has gone almost 5 hours. I didn't know if I should wake her or not. Ended up picking her up at the slightest stir.

RitaMorgan Sat 03-Sep-11 19:18:59

Personally I never let ds go more than 3 hours in the day because I didn't want him to make up for it at night!

Is she still producing lots of wet nappies? How many feeds over 24 hours? She could just be coming down with a cold or something so wants to sleep more.

Eglu Sat 03-Sep-11 20:59:38

I haven't counted feeds really but it will be at least 10 in the past 24 hrs. Still wet and dirty nappies. She did have her first vaccinations on Wednesday, so maybe it is a run over from that. Thanks

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