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BF at 9 months - milk seems to have dried up in one boob? Time to stop?

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MrsZebra Fri 02-Sep-11 21:53:20

Just after some advice really. I am thoroughly enjoying BFing my almost 9 month old baby. (Despite repeated comments from people that I'm "going to be feeding him till he goes to university!!".
He is eating 3 good meals a day and BFing morning, afternoon, bedtime and then once at night. He's gaining well and on the 75th centile.
My only problem is that, over the last week, my right boob seems to have become pretty much empty. He has always preferred my left side and that still seems to be filling up as before.
Should I try to increase supply in the right side or will he be getting what he needs from the one boob.
Thanks so much.
Mrs Z

RhinestoneCowgirl Fri 02-Sep-11 21:57:27

Over time your breasts will get more efficient at making milk while your baby suckles so you feel less 'full'.

I would keep offering the less favoured side, but it is also possible to feed from just one side.

And 9 months is so so young - ignore any ignorant people who say otherwise (but of course you knew that already wink)

crikeybadger Fri 02-Sep-11 22:01:50

I'm 'still' feeding DS with just one boob and he's 23m now. smile

MigGril Sat 03-Sep-11 08:19:56

Agree with Rhinestone, plus if you stop now you'd have to introduce formula.

Yesmynameis Sun 04-Sep-11 13:00:34

I'm 'still' feeding my 10mo wink . I would never have believed that this would be the expression so many people use to describe bf an infant under 1yo!

Only you can tell if it's time to stop. But like others have said, you would have to switch to formula at this stage. If you are enjoying bf, then why stop?

Your DS is gaining weight & sleeping well. I'm pretty sure at 9mo he would let you know pretty clearly if there was a problem with supply of milk. I know BabyYes would smile

I say, just carry on doing what you're doing and be guided by your baby. By this age, they are the real professionals!

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