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The end of breastfeeding?

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madrarua Fri 02-Sep-11 10:02:50

I think BF has come to an end, and I'm feeling totally gutted! DD, 16 months is teething (big molar!), and suddenly refused to feed on Monday and hasn't fed since. I've been offering her the breast as usual for her bedtime bf each evening since, but she cries, struggles to get away, and has bitten me a couple of times! I know it sounds like a nursing strike as it's unusual for a baby to self wean at this age, from what I've read on here and Kellymom. I've tried offering her the breast at different times, places, positions, tried skin to skin, but she's just not interested in the slightest - would much rather suck her thumb!

I'm worried in case I have inadvertently encouraged this self weaning if that's what it is. DH and I have been TTC for 7 months now with no joy, so we had decided I would cut down on BF, with a view to stopping soon, to see if that might help. So about 3 weeks ago I cut out DD's morning feed (she had been on 2 feeds a day for a few months), and she seemed to cope well with just having the evening feed. But I'm having doubts now...maybe my supply started to dwindle after that - one BF a day not being enough to sustain BF?

I've been expressing since day 3 of this nursing strike/self weaning but I'm really not getting much at all, and I haven't felt at all engorged. Last night I struggled to pump about 20ml, this morning I barely got anything (5ml at most). So even if it were a strike I don't think I would have any milk left by the time DD decides/if she decides to end it!

Also, I've been taking high dose vit B6, for the past couple of weeks, and using natural progesterone cream for the past week (to help with TTC), and I'm paranoid now that this may also have had an adverse effect on breastfeeding. Anyone got any experience of this?

I know I said we were thinking of stopping BF in order to conceive, but deep down I hoped that we would conceive whilst bf, and DD could go on to BF for as long as she wanted, without any encouragement to stop from me. Maybe she has decided now is the right time for her to stop, which is great if that's the case. It just doesn't help with my feelings of rejection, dejection, just generally feeling emotional about it all, really! and it doesn't help that there's nobody I can talk to about it (DH wanted me to wean months ago, so isn't saying much - probably sees it as a blessing in disguise).

Jeez, I just feel like a selfish, emotional, mad woman - I even broke down in tears at the docs on Wed when I went to discuss problem conceiving, now to have this strike/self weaning on top of that!...

Sorry this has turned into a bit of a ramble. I'm not even sure what I'm asking! Thanks for reading anyway.

hazchem Fri 02-Sep-11 12:52:35

oh dear what a shit week you are having!

I'm not really sure what advice i can give you. But it sounds to me that you need a little break and a bit of self love/care (i'm not sue how to say it with out it sounding like maturbation sorry)

could you DH take your DD for an hour or two so you could have a nice long bath with nice bath oil maybe follow up with DH cooking you dinner and a nice glass of wine/ choc/icecream.

I'm sure someone will come along with a better idea about the nursing strike.

AngelDog Fri 02-Sep-11 23:58:52

At that age, 1 bf a day should be enough to sustain bf for most women, I think, so I'd be surprised if that's the cause.

Teething can often cause strikes, but it's often really hard to know why a child has stopped feeding. Be kind to yourself and try not to feel guilty. Strikes are always horrible and distressing, and it's normal to feel wobbly at the end of bf, especially if you hadn't planned it that way.

If you decide you do want to keep going with bf, it's worth persisting with offering the breast. DS went on strike at 13 months and it lasted 12 days, although he had an ear infection and various other problems. I didn't express much and my supply did drop, but he soon got it up again.

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