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Back to work :(

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travispickles Wed 31-Aug-11 09:11:51

I know this has been asked before but am going back to work this week and DD has just turned 7 months. She is eating solids 3x a day and otherwise is EBF. I haven't tried to force bottles on her, I am just hoping that she will take a bottle of EBM at nursery. The other day she went without (I offered but she wasn't interested) until 3.30 (she had had a lot of milk before breakfast), which would work well when I am back at work, as I can be home for 4pm. Will she be able to go without milk from say 7.30 - 4 if she has food, water and juice and then catch up her milk between 4pm and 7.30am? Or will she dehydrate or have insufficient nutrients? Also - will I need to express at luchtime at work in order to keep my supply (I am only working 0.5 so will be home with her most days) or prevent getting engorged or should my supply be so well established now that it won't matter?

Cosmosis Wed 31-Aug-11 09:18:53

Hi, yes your dd will be fine from that time if she will eat and drink water. The nursery can offer plenty of yoghurts etc to make sure she gets some dairy intake as well if you want. You may find she takes ebm in a bottle fine from nursery as it’s someone different offering it, but you may also find she doesn’t!

Your supply will be so well established now that you won’t need to pump – but you may find you need to express a little in the first few days just for comfort if you are used to feeding during that time. Make sure you have plenty of breast pads with you in case of leaking as well!

Cosmosis Wed 31-Aug-11 09:19:56

Good luck with going back to work and honestly it won’t be as bad as you think smile

travispickles Wed 31-Aug-11 11:50:59

Thanks all!

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