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bf baby puking, straining, making weird dinosaur noises after night feeds

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devmum Wed 31-Aug-11 06:06:43

Hi, my LO is 7 weeks old and I think he has day night reversal. We're trying to correct it but one problem is that after every night feed (from 7pm onwards) when we put him in his crib he makes these weird dinosaur noises and vomits loads. I think he's probably keeping most of the feed down, but he soaks himself and his sheets. If I change him he wakes up even more but if I don't I think sleeping in damp sheets will also keep him up.

He's had problems with wind waking him (bum), and we're using infocol to try and help, but often he doesn't burp after a feed, or only 1 or 2, then can still be burping up to 2 hours later (if he keeps up with the dino impressions / puking I give burping him another go).

I've tried sitting him up, resting him against me and putting him over my shoulder, and always try to get some wind up after every feed. He'll happily be fed then lie down during the day, it's just nights that he gets all pukey and loud.

Sorry if I'm not making much sense. Been up with him for three hours now. sad

DomesticGoddess31 Wed 31-Aug-11 08:27:23

Oh god me too! Was up for 3 hours after last nights 2am feed with my DD. My DD is on infant gaviscon for reflux which has sorted her puking out, and most of the screaming, and she's pretty settled in the day but come the night she'll thrutch around and squirm and cry after feeds as soon as we lay her in her cot. Driving us mad!

I've just started back on infacol along with the infant gaviscon so will let you know how that goes in case it helps.

FirstVix Wed 31-Aug-11 15:17:25

Not sure about the OP (sorry) but Goddess my DD (16 weeks now) does the thrashing around thing a lot too. It seems like she's rooting around for me/my breast and I often now just lie with her for a bit until she's in a slightly deeper sleep, gradually inching away and getting closer if she starts thrashing again.

She can then be moved/left with less likelihood of her waking. Saying that this can happen a few times in the night before I've gone up myself (at which point we co-sleep so I'm 'there').

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