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Why doesn't she want the right one?

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TrinaLuciusMalfoy Tue 30-Aug-11 22:03:05

DD2 is 4 weeks old and off and on will suddenly decide that the milk on the right boob is not good enough for her. She'll hold herself rigid and scream her head off refusing to even contemplate latching on. If I put her on the left she latches on straight away without a fuss. Today it's been about 7 hours since she deigned to accept the right one and it feels ready to explode. I could (and do) just express the right when she's like this but I'd love to know why she's doing it. Health visitor had no idea, said she'd never experienced it before! Anyone know better?

TinkerTailorSoldierLibrarian Tue 30-Aug-11 22:09:27

DD wouldn't take the left. It baffled me. Finally we saw a cranial osteopath who showed me that if we lay her on her back and moved a rattle to her left, she'd move her head to watch it. Do the same on her right and she only moved her eyes. She couldn't move her head comfortably that way. I had a long labour with an 8hr second stage. Her head had been stuck and twisted and it had caused some muscle damage. She really struggled to face that way it turned out. They sorted it out though and she fed from both sides after that. What helped in the meantime was the rugby ball hold because it meant she didn't have to turn her head in a direction which hurt her.

Not sure if it's anything like this. Some babies do prefer different sides. My supply was always better on one side than the other for example.

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