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7.5 mo waking every 2 hours - pleeeeeeease help me!

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Moulesfrites Tue 30-Aug-11 09:07:05

My ds has gone from waking twice in the night to waking now 4/5/6 times over the past few weeks. I always said I was happy with feeding him to sleep and would do it until it stopped working - well - now I think that time may have come. I am so tired I am getting headaches and my eczema has flared up so I really feel I need to address his sleeping but I don't really know how.

He has gone from feeding very efficiently and going straight back off to not settling after a feed and he would now comfort suck for hours if I didn't unlatch him. I thought it could be teething but this has been going on for weeks now and no new teeth are through. Nurofe/Calpol/teething powders don't help.

He is on 3 meals a day now, and bfs 3/4 times during the day. I have tried feeding him more often during the day but he is not really interested and it doesn't make any difference to his sleep at night time.

I know people will suggest co-sleeping. We have done this occasionally but it is not something I am really comfortable with as a long term solution. It is lovely when he is asleep but I have to put up with a lot of pinching, hair pulling, wriggling and fidgeting before we get to that point!!

Last night was just awful. He woke at midnight, having gone down at 7, and fed again at 9.30. At midnight I fed him but he would not go back down at the end of the feed and just screamed. I tried feeding him again but he just messed around and then he bit me. At this point I put him back down and went to scream into a pillow. He was doing a sort of shouty cry. We left him for a couple of minutes them dh went in and settled him (he has never ever been able to do this before) and he slept until 3, at which point I fed him again as dh was unable to settle him this time. I suppose this gave us a taste of what CC might be like and it made me think I could perhaps consider it having always said I would never do it!

I am basically just wanting some advice on how I could cut down the night feeds. I don't expect that ds could go all night but I'm not sure how to dicern when he is genuinely hungry. Should I get dh to settle him at every other waking? Or should I decide on a block of time when I wont feed him and get dh to do it then?

I have just read to expect a sleep regression at 8-11 months and now feel like crying - we have never really got over the 4 month one!!

Sorry for length, would really like some advice.

organiccarrotcake Tue 30-Aug-11 15:46:40

This might help. He is a strong advocate for co-sleeping but as that's not right for you there are other suggestions, too.

We went with my DH being the one to settle him and we were really surprised to find it worked really well. Lots of shh-patting and cuddles. He now goes back to sleep within minutes if DH re-settles him - faster than I can feed him back to sleep. We do co-sleep though but I think the technique works well either way (for those babies who accept it - obviously it doesn't work for all). We didn't let him cry at all - we just can't - and that's why we were surprised that it was so successful.

Ours is 14 months but we've tried various things on the list since birth. Some worked, some didn't, and some worked sometimes until things changed and we tried something else. As you do!

choccybox Tue 30-Aug-11 18:31:47

I am going through the exact same thing so will watch with interest.

I've just bought no cry sleep solution and am reading that and one of the first thing it teaches is stopping feed to sleep and alternatives. Pity DS seems to think no feed = playtime!!

Wishing you luck

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