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Help... Please only 5 days in

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Eviepoo Tue 30-Aug-11 04:09:09

Hi ladies, well it's 10 past 4 and DD has been feeding all night. I'm shattered and so sore.
Midwives are happy the latch is ok now.
I seem to have milk left (was worried so tried to hand squeeze a little out) it does seem watery though.
I know she was only born on Thursday morning and she won't have a routine yet today is hard.
Settled at 1 last night, then up to feed at 4.30 then back down til 7.
Then during the day she fed lots till around 11 slept until 2.30 ish. Then loads of cluster feeding, sleep from 5 til 7.30 (we went to my bed together). Then cluster fed pretty much since then except for break about 9 for bath and 1-2 when she slept on DH chest. She has wind and this seems to be really bothering her. Ive tried all the usual tricks for winding.
Tried just putting in cot, letting her feed until she drops off and letting her sleep next to me she jswants feed again after a few mins. Because of the wind she keeps being sick tiny amounts.
Should I try infacol?
Any other suggestions?
It's nearly 11 years since I stopped feeding DD1 and I guess I need reassurance that this is ok and I will get through it.
Please just give me some of your advice.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Tue 30-Aug-11 04:30:41

i don't have any suggestions i'm afraid but just wanted you to know you're not alone. And that this too will pass. It is really hard at this stage but will get better.

If you think latch night still be an issue maybe get someone else to check it. That said i didn't have latch issues but was still sore for a week or so. I think it's really easy to do yourself a mischief on one early feed and cause a bit of bruising even if latch isn't really an on going issue iyswim. But double check if in doubt.

The watery looking milk is probably just your "proper" milk getting going rather than colostrum. It will still be excellent quality even though it looks thinner than cows or formula.

I don't know about wind but iirc tiny bits of sick are normal till their sphincters develop properly.

So yes it does all round pretty normal to (non expert) me. Hopefully that will reassure you, though it may not make it any easier. smile

BingBongSong Tue 30-Aug-11 04:35:52

My day 2/3 was extremely difficult with both dc2 and 3. As you said - constant feeding, sore as hell and wind that seemed to be trapped deep in the gut (un-burpable).

I used Infacol before each feed, which seemed to help (but not completely cure). Have to admit, think I let dc3 just sleep on my tummy up my nightgown when we were both exhausted.

Can you bf lying on your side? That may help.

Dc3 is 12 weeks now and only started sleeping longer stretches (4-5h) a couple of weeks ago. This will pass eventually, but sympathies with your exhaustion for the time being!

BingBongSong Tue 30-Aug-11 04:38:45

Also I could only feed on one side as I was bleeding so badly from the other - not fun when your milk is regulating itself and your boobs are rock hard! This became a million times better by getting in a very hot bath and squeezing all of the milk out of my non-feeding side - hurts much less and the milk flows easily with only a little pressure in the bath.

chillikat Tue 30-Aug-11 11:56:49

Eviepoo I recall exactly the same feeling on night 4 or 5 - DD had been feeding all night it was 4am and I felt I had nothing left to give her. I was wondering about formula from the 24 hour shop at this point but DH phoned the midwives and got put through to the ward I'd been on. Through my tears we had a three way conversation and I was reassurred everything was fine. Essentially DD was putting in her milk order to my boobs about how much she'd want in the next few days. She did eventually go to sleep that night and 22 weeks on things have been fine (obviously a few bad nights here and there) but breastfeeding going great smile

Good luck, and get sleep when you can.

lilham Tue 30-Aug-11 13:03:12

Your are doing very well. Those early days are hard. It seems your LO does have a 3 hr gap in between some feeds isn't it? Use that to rest. They don't know day and night yet. Do get your latch checked by a bf counsellor if that would give you piece of mind. I did even though my feeding was going very well looking at weight gain. I didn't do baths back in the early days coz I was just so tired! I remember the mw telling me off for the blood from birth on my DD hair grin

Hang in there. It will get better!

worldgonecrazy Tue 30-Aug-11 13:18:31

You are doing so well. Please get your latch checked by an expert with proper bf training. Unfortunately most midwives aren't experts and don't know what to look for. I had a dreadful latch and it took two weeks to find it out. A different hold may also help with wind, if you can master the lying down hold, or the one where she sits up facing you, feet either side of your leg on whichever side she is feeding on. This is easier if you are reclining slightly on a comfy chair. I'm not sure of the proper name of this feeding position but it is great for babies with wind and also means you have a hand free to cram cake in your mouth.

Can you get to a breastfeeding support group? I found them invaluable.

Try and get whatever help you can for the housework and cooking. If you can fix things so that you have to do nothing but feed you and baby for the next few days it will make things much easier.

Also chocolate cake and a small glass of wine can help you through the evening feeds.

LaCiccolina Tue 30-Aug-11 16:07:33

Ugh I remember this (short) period. Good news is it goes past pretty quickly, by week four you will find it different and then it changes for the better week by week. Bad news is most of this is only helpful in hindsight.... For now u probably just feel awful. You sound like you are doing well, hang in there! Big hugs x

Eviepoo Tue 30-Aug-11 22:41:22

Thanks guys, I'll look up a local bf support group.

I am doing some feeds lying on my side, some sitting up myself, some laid back... Might have to try the baby sitting up feed that sounds good.

DH has been ace, he's taking care of everything for me, house wise I mean, and bringing me drinks, making me food etc. No complaints re support there.

She has gone almost 3 hours twice today once this morning and once this afternoon. She's been cluster feeding since about 5 pm now. Going to try getting her down now.

I'm feeling a little better as she was weighed and has only lost 6.2% of birth weight, MW said that's good. She's also having many wet/dirty nappies so she must be getting plenty.

Hoping the evenings get better soon

Thanks again

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