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Can Dr Brown bottles be used with an Avent electric breast pump?

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chocciechip Mon 29-Aug-11 13:17:43

My baby is due very soon and I plan to breast feed, but do need to think about expressing as well because I don't get much maternity leave (self-employed, lots of contracts and no cover).

I bought a starter set of Avent bottles, Avent sterliser and an Avent electric breast pump from John Lewis, but was told by my midwife today to steer clear of Tommy Tippee and Avent bottles for newborns, and to go for Dr Browns instead. She says Dr Browns much better.

I've never done this before and am clueless, but have seen that Dr Browns do a microwave steriliser and I can get bottles etc (and return the Avent ones and sterlisier to John Lewis).

But I am wondering what to do about the breast pump..? Does anyone know if the Dr Brown bottles screw into the breast pump so I can express directly into them (as I would with Avent). If not, what is the alternative way to go?

Very much appreciate your advice.

lilham Mon 29-Aug-11 13:52:29

I have a medala swing breast pump and store my milk on medela bottles or boots breastmilk freezer bags. Then I just pour whatever I need into the feeding bottles.

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