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Weird question about expressing at work...

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HarrietJones Sun 28-Aug-11 20:11:27

I'm taking a cool bag to keep the milk/pump etc in. (don't trust the fridge plus I'm more likely to forget to take it home!)
So do I wander the building looking for a room with my bag or just waving my pump around?

rainbowinthesky Sun 28-Aug-11 20:13:28

Take your bag with you. I used to take everything in the bag including kitchen towel for sopping up any mess. Bottles of milk go straight into the bag and I used sandwich bag to put used pump in once finished with and back in the cool bag.

BuckminsterFullerene Sun 28-Aug-11 20:14:39

I'll be wandering the corridors with my little cool bag. Hopefully people will just assume it's my lunch.

I work in a school. The kids would try to embarrass me and end up grossing themselves out if I was waving a breast pump around!

HarrietJones Sun 28-Aug-11 20:22:17

Towel- good idea!

I take mine in the microwave sterilser box and then express my milk and pop in bottle into insulated bottle bag and into the fridge at work or if I am out and about it sits in the car, its fine for 6hrs after expressing anyway.

Not had any issues expressing just sometimes forget then think ohh I am leaking must go express.

I express first thing and its only for the next days porridge as my little one doesnt drink his milk from anything other than his mummy. (not that we havent tried I can assure you boots made a fortune out of me!!)

HarrietJones Mon 29-Aug-11 17:22:58

I'm only doing it for comfort. I've a bottle refuser too although she's happy with a doidy now. I'm glad I've had longer at home though as she's only got to like it recently!

ahh good luck with expressing at work is not as bad as I expected. I went back when LO was 9mths old he is now 12mths old, he used to demand feed til 8mths when I cut him down to 3 feeds morning, teatime and bedtime to fit in with work so every day is the same. I know other people who still BF during day on days off even if LO goes without milk all day at childcare.

CubiksRube Mon 29-Aug-11 22:34:34

Harrietjones are you able to book a room at work?

I book a room and tell the receptionist that nobody is allowed in. Expressing has gone well so far (I do it by hand) and there's no reason to be embarrassed at all. Colleagues have been very understanding smile

HarrietJones Tue 30-Aug-11 07:33:29

No rooms ( in fact no receptionist any more).
My boss has offered her office as it's one of the few withblinds but it depends on whether she has meetings. There's nolock either hmm
other optionis the disabled toilet. Which despite the toilet is probably one of the better rooms in the building as no one uses it.

Cosmosis Tue 30-Aug-11 09:11:19

I had a big bag that held the pump and the cool bag, so used to go to the room with that. People kept asking me if I was going home! I used to have a regular couple of rooms I used that were booked out for me 11 -11.30 and 3 – 3.30.

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