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different sized bottles

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KatyN Sun 28-Aug-11 17:40:25

I'm currently 29 wks pregnant and my DH and I were planning uor shopping list the other day. I'm very confused about different sized bottles. i'm planning on BF but will defo express a bit as he can share the feeding.. but do I need to get the tiny bottles as well as the normal sized ones?
can anyone shed some light on the point of them please??

lilham Sun 28-Aug-11 18:46:42

If you are using expressed breast milk, you are most likely only need the smaller sized ones. The reason being you need a lot less breast milk compared to formula for a single feed. Bookmark this page

so when your LO come, you'll know how much you need for each feed. Also don't be disheartened/alarmed that you need to pump multiple times for a single feed. (I mean as in thinking, omg, I don't have enough milk for my LO). Expressing is a faff, and a lot of us can't express much at all after our supply settles, even though we feed our babies to very chubby thighs and three chins.

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