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Thrush - or could it be something else?

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Jokat Sun 28-Aug-11 13:52:27

Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help. My daughter is three weks old and I started to get cracked nipples really quickly. I then used Lansinoh after each feed and got latching-on advice. My nipples started to get better, but my areolae started to peel big tme, got a bit itchy and red and shiny in between going flaky again and I got a red rash above both of them as well. When I stopped the Lansinoh to just use breastmilk as ointment for a couple of days, the rash cleared and the areolae looked less angry. So I am definitely allergic to Lansinoh, but a breastfeeding counsellor who I saw said these could also be symptoms of thrush. Since the stinging when feeding her didn't get any better, I concluded that I did have thrush as well and got cream for myself and Daktarin for my daughter. The weird thing is that my symptoms have only seemed to get worse over the last few days, it stings like hell when I first latch her on and after each feed my boobs hurt so terribly that I can hardly bear having her lie on my chest for a cuddle. I've been using the cream for a week now and have another week to go, but expected things to be much better by now. Has anyone gone through a similar thing? Is it normal that the symptoms get worse before they get better? Could it be something other than thrush? Any input would be more than welcome! Yesterday I was in so much pain that I sobbed throughout all the feeds on my left side and eventually we gave her a bottle when that side was due and I expressed instead :-(

Mollcat Sun 28-Aug-11 15:02:45

The Lansinoh may have contributed to the rash if it is thrush because it traps moisture next to the skin which creates a perfect environment for fungal thrush. The rash could be an allergic reaction to the thrush.

Have a look at the BfN leaflet about thrush - it can get into the breast but prob best to go and see your GP again.

Jokat Sun 28-Aug-11 18:18:52

Hi, I've looked at the leaflet and will ask my GP for the stuff that would treat me from the inside in addition to the cream. I'm just starting to worry that this isn't thrush but something else since I don't seem to be responding to the cream as far as I can tell...

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