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Lots of runny poo - teething or hyperlactation?

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Taranta Fri 26-Aug-11 21:15:10

DS who is 14 weeks has been producing a lot of very runny poos these past 5 or 6 days, the usual yellowy brown seedy colour but runnier than usual and more numerous. So far he's done around 6-7 when he's usually a 1 or 2 a day boy. I spoke to the doctor about it and she wasn't too concerned as the colour is 'right', and he's otherwise his normal a bit grumpy self, and suggested it might be teething related (he is v much teething at moment). However it's not improving, and I wondered if it could be he's getting too much fore milk and it's giving him a dicky tummy?

Other details:
- DS is mixed fed - has 1 bottle of formula at bedtime and rest is breast milk. Have recently increased BM and reduced formula to this level from mostly formula after some BF issues.
- DS has never been a long feeder maybe 15 mins at best. has lately started fussing at boob a bit, coming on and off, twisting towards me when attached etc which I took to be normal at his age as he becomes more aware. Also doesn't do this when drowsy at night only during day.
- Doesnt sleep for long periods, longest stint is around 4 hrs, usually closer to 2 at night, and v short day naps.
- Weight gain is fine, he's alert, etc. Does get grizzly generally but has always been a bit of a grizzler

Does this ring bells with any of you? I'll be taking him to the GP on Tues but am hoping for some words of wisdom for this 1st timer...


Taranta Fri 26-Aug-11 21:18:05

PS should add I'd be surprised if it was relating to oversupply as most of my initial BF issues were to do with low supply...but could be wrong!

RitaMorgan Fri 26-Aug-11 22:21:28

If he's teething and swallowing lots of saliva it can affect his nappies. Everything else sounds pretty normal to me.

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