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Infant Gaviscon, comfort milk help please. xx

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emmywoo Thu 25-Aug-11 19:07:45

Hi All,

My lo has been on gaviscon for a week, just spoken to Dr as felt it wasnt working correctly and he told me to do the following:

* Increase doseage to 2 sachets per bottle as he is 11lb 14oz (can I still do this in each of his 6 feeds)

* Look to put him on comfort milk (he is on cow and gate milk, has anyone else put there lo on comfort milk whilst on Gaviscon and seen any difference due to constipation and poss colic in the evening)

Many Thanks


hayleysd Thu 25-Aug-11 19:09:18

My niece was on comfort milk and you can get it on prescription also on colief for colic which she was fine on

emmywoo Thu 25-Aug-11 19:36:47

Thanks for your reply, do you happen to know if you can use gaviscon with comfort milk?

hayleysd Thu 25-Aug-11 19:38:51

Not sure to be honest my son was on Sma staydown and you couldn't because it was thicker so giving gaviscon would have made a lump of milk, not sure what's different about comfort milk? Maybe give hv a ring?

mumatron Thu 25-Aug-11 19:43:45

Iirc you can't put gaviscon in comfort milk. It make it like a paste.

My dd had cow and gate comfort but without the gav. It improved her constipation but she had no reflux issues.

Heavypetal Thu 25-Aug-11 20:06:14

Hi emmywoo

My doc put ds on baby gaviscon after diagnosing him with reflux. I wasn't convinced but gave it for two days and noticed he really didn't sleep well on it and sickness and windy symptoms weren't alleviated. After the two days took him to chiropractor who specialises in craniopathy and mums and babies who thought he was more windy than anything. I had already stopped gaviscon. Chiro told me to change milk to comfort one - we use aptimal - and he was like a different baby. You need variflow tests as milk much thicker. We then moved ds back on to usual aptimal milk at around five months and he was fine.

emmywoo Thu 25-Aug-11 20:33:43

That is really interesting Heavypetal, my lo has been twice for cranial massage but hasnt really helped but she suggested comfort milk but Dr said to try gaviscon first. His symtoms are:
bringing up milk (not huge amounts)
very hard in bringing up wind (we have him on infacol and occ gripe water)
when we lie him down too soon after a feed he is sick (we now keep him up for 1/2 hour after a feed before putting him down)
Goes ridgid during feed and after
Once he has been properly winded he seems better
He sleeps fine once wind is up
Due to the above the Dr prescribed gavison

Do you think it is worth taking him off gaviscon and trying on comfort milk?


Heavypetal Thu 25-Aug-11 22:04:42

I did but because I wasn't convinced gaviscon helped and was happy to change milk rather than give medicine. I was also told that there are large amounts of sugar in gaviscon to make it palatable hence ds being wide awake and not sleeping. I would give chiro a few more sessions but I have to say with both dc we found chiro helped immensely.

Tis funny, my sil has just had same probs with her dd and was prescribed gaviscon and she found just changing milk did the trick. It's worth a go I think.

YogaMummy2B Fri 26-Aug-11 00:23:17

Hi Emmy, sounds a like your LO has silent/at times not so silent reflux? Has the GP suggested this?
Why the IGav in the first place?
IMO comfort milk & IG will be far too thick together & a pretty yucky combo for your LO. I would start by trying regular cow & gate with Carobel (ask pharmacist for a box or get on prescription.)
Is your DS in pain during or up to an hour or so after a feed? If so you may need to get an antacid for him - first stop is Ranitidine & after that Omeprazole or Lanzoprazole (both acid inhibitors.)

bananarama05 Fri 26-Aug-11 15:04:45

I'd just logged on to find the reflux thread to ask a question regarding reflux/gaviscon/comfort milk/constipation. I'll try not to hijack your thread but will give my experience, not sure if it will be of any help to you, but I hope so!

My dd is 13 weeks, she's been on C&G Comfort since I stopped expressing and bottle feeding (she never latched on and just didn't "get" BF, whole other story...) at 4 weeks as seemed very colicy.

Initially it helped but she became more and more refluxy. She's been on Gaviscon for around 2 weeks now which has helped with the reflux generally, we still have bad days but she is feeding and sleeping again and no longer screaming in pain constantly.

She only takes 6oz per feed but the doctor advised us to still use 2 sachets in each feed as she's over 10lb (she feeds 5-6 times per 34 hours) and we carried on using Comfort Milk. It makes it VERY thick and we have to use vari-flow teats (we use Avent bottles) but she keeps it down pretty well and after a quick burp can go straight back down at night which is bliss after having to keep her upright for half an hour after each feed!

The only problem I've found is she seems very bunged up and we're getting almost solid poo's most days. Today's she's been quite grizzly and generally seems uncomfortable and straining. I tried the C&G careline earlier having heard good things, to ask if this was because the mixture was too thick and if I would be better off going back onto C&G number 1 as if she was colicy, fingers crossed she might have grown out of it by 13 weeks (perhaps?) but didn't really get anywhere with the woman I spoke to.

As it it I've just given her a bottle of number 1 and will keep the rest of her feeds on Comfort for today, then up it to two bottles of number 1 tomorrow and keep going like that and see how we get on.

Sorry for the long post and I hope you find what works for you as trying to find anyone who can you give any helpful advice on reflux, other than the ladies on here seems bloody difficult!

hayleysd Sun 28-Aug-11 21:20:13

For reflux I cannot recommend Sma staydown enough, my ds was different from the first bottle and never had gaviscon my hv gave the Sma staydown on prescription, when he was weaned he seemed to have some kind of allergy/intolerance to orange foods so they gave him ranitidine but the paediatrician said not to bother as he was nearing 12 months and they supposedly get better then he has only just (at 20 months) stopped always sicking up orange foods and can now have them but still is not right

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