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Is this thrush??

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virgo1979 Wed 24-Aug-11 11:13:14

DS is 14 months old, has a couple of BF's a day. Lately he is off his food, and wanting more milk than normal. No temperature or anything. Thought he was teething as has started dribbling - never dribbled before! However for couple of days now his inside of mouth is white and so is his tongue, kind of furry white stufff, also on inside of lips, I gently brushed it off with his tootbrush and it comes off easily. Any ideas?


Trillian42 Wed 24-Aug-11 11:52:42

If it comes off easily, it shouldn't be thrush. But sounds a bit odd, I'd be inclined to take him to the GP to get it checked. Have you any symptoms?

virgo1979 Wed 24-Aug-11 13:51:02

I had surgery three weeks ago and am bit run down, boobs appear fine, other than that I feel ok. Might take him to GP to be safe. thanks

JimmyChoo17 Wed 24-Aug-11 21:15:34

Dont look until well after feed. My boy has oral thrush and the white on his tongue isn't thrush (yet) but he has the White spots in gums. It's highly contagious so I have it in nipples but not as bad as some get. He has been a little off and fussy at boob. Got some tretment this week and hoping for best! not all symptoms r textbook be warned!

Drs knowledge of itrelly varies.

Sorry for s pelling 1 finger typing whilst feeding

My symptoms are slight burning nipplesduring feed even tho good latch. Husks ring fussy, windy and a few White spots on gums.

He was sick after a feed and he brought up phlegm and is a little snuffly and been told that's thrush related. It may even spread to hisgut.

I'm using daktarin cream and is using daktarin gel.
Hope yours isn't!

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