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My Brest friend-worth investing?

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Sleepglorioussleep Tue 23-Aug-11 22:46:40

Dd is seven weeks old and have been making do with various pillows including a rubbish v one. Is it worth investing in this? Bf for 15 months and 21 months with other two.

weasle Tue 23-Aug-11 23:10:45

Yes! It's great. But not sure how long you might use it for, up to 3 months? I can't remember when I stopped using pillows. But that one is really good, much better than any others.

lilham Wed 24-Aug-11 09:28:31

I'm still using pillows at 5mo. Either the dream genii from my pregnancy or various cushions/pillows on the bed and sofa.

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