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Latch problems after 13months?

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Trillian42 Tue 23-Aug-11 12:14:25

Luckily I had no problems with latch with 14.5mth old DD in the early days - she just kind of 'got' feeding. Since 13mths though I've had two bouts of thrush, brought on I think from cuts on my left nipple. It's only on that side that it's agony - the right side is slightly uncomfortable during the thrush. But I've noticed since 13 mths or thereabouts that it's generally a little uncomfortable to feed her on that side, as if she twists the nipple slightly while feeding.

We only feed at night, lying down side by side and I'm not really up to waking her up to check her latch is ok as I'm barely coping with my sleep deprivation as it is. Does this sound like latch issues or am I a little nuts due to afore mentioned lack of sleep?

organiccarrotcake Tue 23-Aug-11 12:21:22

It's not uncommon for previously well-latching babies to start to get lazy, and given that you're feeding half asleep this is perfectly possible. Do you have a NCT/ABM/LLL breastfeeding counsellor nearby who can come and check things? Or can you try waking a bit more just to check until this sorts itself out? (Lots of sympathy on the lack of sleep sad )

Alternatively has the thrush definately gone away? How did your nipple get cut?

Albrecht Tue 23-Aug-11 12:47:08

Is she teething? I found ds (13 mo) nips (and has cut) me when he was teething and when the new teeth where coming in to their final position. It always seems to be the sleepy feeds, perhaps as the nipple is slipping out of a firm grip and so gets bitten rather than proper feeding.

Def get the thrush checked too.

Ds still wakes a lot and the only way I can cope is dh taking him first thing on his days off so I know I am getting a rest sometime.

Have you tried the Pantley pull off? As described in No Sleep Solution, you press the side of your nipple to break the suction once you feel they are asleep.

Trillian42 Tue 23-Aug-11 15:00:11

organiccarrotcake I think the cut is from repeated bad latch. It's like a constant graze - it's not from her biting or anything. Waking up more is not an option - I'd need to turn on the light which would wake her up more, wake me up more etc.

Albrecht I don't know about teething for definite, but I don't think so. She's not biting though. I tried the Pantley pull off and it works fine for bedtime feeds, but during the night recently she's feeding for comfort and it wakes her up and it's back to square one. My DH is great - he takes her without fail every Sat & Sun morning, despite doing a hellish commute during the week.

I do still have the latest thrush - in mid treatment at the moment.

I can't do it any more. I'm a total wreck, crying randomly today from pain and exhaustion. I'm going to stop nursing her altogether. The last month has been hellish and I was already anxious about when would be a good time to stop. Maybe this is nature's way of saying weaning is ok.

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