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Stopping BF - Would it be really bad to just go to a hotel for a week...?

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winniethepug Tue 23-Aug-11 05:54:18

My DS is 13 months old and will not stop/reduce breastfeeding. I have tried for at least 6 weeks cutting a feed out, offering water/milk, going out for a few hours etc but he just tries to make up for it at night. I am living in Hong Kong and we have a live-in maid (goes with the territory out here) who is great with my son when I need to leave him at home for a few hours or if Im out at night.

As a last resort (and I'm not 100% sure I could actually do it), I'm considering going on a business trip with my husband and leaving my son with our maid for 3-5 days. Not only would this mean he has no option but to drink the water/cows milk on offer (and his 3 meals per day), but he would also have to learn to sleep through the night without bf too.

When I do leave him during the day with her he is absolutely fine. As soon as I walk through the door he starts whinging and tugging at my shirt. This is fine at home, but gets embarrassing when we are out and about or at other peoples houses. My husband, who has always been fully supportive of my bf, is also starting to get abit tired of it and will now make the odd comment such as 'ah, back on the boob I see', or 'hasn't he just fed?'.

Basically, I want to know whether a) to leave him for a few days would be cruel or an equivalent of cold turkey, and b) has anyone else tried this and did it work?

I should also mention that I've never left him before for more than 5/6 hours and that is only during the day.

MrsVidic Tue 23-Aug-11 06:07:43

I think for me going fora whole week would be too much. I would go for the night and rerun before bed the following night but refuse to feed. If you take away his mummy and his comfort for a lot longer than either of you is used to it will distress you both. In my opinion, but you know him best smile

tiktok Tue 23-Aug-11 07:20:36

It's bit of a double whammy for him - you and the breast disappearing and he may well be very distressed sad

There are ways of weaning which are kinder - one way is to only ever breastfeed in one place and at certain times, and/or to night wean first and to wind down gradually that way.

If you start a thread about that, loads of people will share tips, I'm sure smile

winniethepug Tue 23-Aug-11 07:44:10

I think you are both right. Perhaps an overnight venture might be ok in the coming weeks. I'll try night weaning first and if thats successful we'll go from there. Last thing I want to do is cause him distress because he's got such a lovely nature!

Bunsouttheoven Tue 23-Aug-11 07:58:37

Leaving him for days does sound a bit harsh IMO not to mention very uncomfortable for you physically. I think it better to continue trying to cut down if that's what you want.

Give yourself some goals to try & stick to, maybe crack nights first then move on to day feeds.

I have found not wearing low tops & not sitting down ! helpful in trying to distract from my dcs from unwanted daytime nursing.

Patience but remaining firm may get the results you want rather than causing your baby distress.

Just as a side, if you cracked the night feeds you might find the days less demanding & wish to continue longer.

Good lucksmile

tabulahrasa Tue 23-Aug-11 08:05:46

You'd still be having the same issue when you got back anyway (well sort of) as he's just going to ask to be fed as soon as you get home

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