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Stopping BF and a few questions.....

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CJMommy Mon 22-Aug-11 09:50:51

So DD is now 8 months and I've recently gone back to work. She now only has a morning feed and is becoming less interested in this as the days go on. (Has formula whilst I am at work).

Quick history, DD was TT for 12 weeks so I'm pleased (over the moon!) that we've got this far.

Anyway, I have started feeling really flat/down and I'm wondering whether it is due to stopping bf; not guilt related, more hormonal. I don't think I feel guilty but I can't work out why I feel so flat? I have been gradually reducing bf over the last 7 weeks and now down to morning only.

I feel permanently knackered too - maybe that's just related to going back to work and have a 3 y/o and 8 month old?

Also when are your periods supposed to restart? Having reduced to one feed then I thought they would've returned by now?

Any thoughts welcome!

LaCiccolina Mon 22-Aug-11 17:33:48

My period didn't start until 6mths and its been a bit all over the place, we are at 8mths too.

I think your hormones settle over a year after a pregnancy so could still be all sounds busy with two children.

Sure you can't either be pregnant or menopausal? Sorry, not trying to be rude but both are I suppose possible!

Perhaps work isn't quite re touching your buttons could organising a thing with friends make you feel any better? A haircut? A holiday to look forward too?

CJMommy Mon 22-Aug-11 22:17:04

Well, i did a pregnancy test to rule that out but was pretty sure I wasn't; not planning any more! Menopause - hoping i'm too young grin.

Work is a bit shit at the moment with changing roles within the teams and DH is away for 3 nights soon which I am dreading as DD will only settle properly with him.

Holiday booked for a few week time so concentrating on that, although feeling crappy about my weight and am trying to loose - am doing SW properly but my body is holding onto it for dear life!

Thanks for replying smile. I'm sure once I'm settled into work, DD into nursery etc then things will settle down [it better bloody had emoticon!]

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