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One boob or two at feeds?

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SeratoninIsMyFriend Mon 22-Aug-11 09:32:20

My little boy is 11 days old and has been breastfeeding well; I switched from offering both boobs at feeds to one when my milk really came in, and he was fine with this. In the last two days he has been finishing with swallowing but continuing to suck on the breast, and I have to take him off as my nipple gets sore, and then he wants more milk so I have been offering the other boob which he usually seems to drink from for same amount. I can still get milk out when I squeeze boob following his feeding but they feel soft. I was worrying about too much foremilk if he's doing both but so far poo remains yellow!

So is this ok: is it a feeding / growth spurt, should I be trying to move back to one boob per feed? He definitely seems to be trying to feed a lot at the mo, feels like I am drying up before he has had his fill and I end up moving him back and forth when he cluster feeds!

CocktailQueen Mon 22-Aug-11 09:56:46

Sounds just right! He's growing so will be needing more milk ie both. If he starts a feed on your right boob then feeds a bit on the left, at the next feed, start him on the left one and that way you can make sure he gets hind milk as well as foremilk. Your boobs will naturally adjust to make the extra milk he needs. smile

lilham Mon 22-Aug-11 10:17:44

I always offer the second if my DD wants more. She mostly unlatches herself, but she does sometimes fell asleep and comfort suck. It's very good you've learned what your LO swallowing sounds/looks like.

Don't worry about the hindmilk foremilk issue unless you are pulling your LO off the breast using a watch, which you aren't. Have you looked at There's a really ggod article on there explaing the concept of fore/hind milk and the breast doesn't actually make two types of milk. It just goes creamier and creamier through a feed.

SeratoninIsMyFriend Mon 22-Aug-11 10:20:57

Thank you for reassurance! I have checked Kellymom about milk / fat etc and was offering the last used boob as Cocktail Queen says, so feel happier about relaxing and going with it... he's waking regularly and having wet nappies so no indicators to concern me smile.

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