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Less interested in milk

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beatofthedrum Sun 21-Aug-11 19:00:53

My ds is 7.5 months old and really enjoying his food - eating 3 meals a day, mix of BLW with some spoon feeding. He is getting a lot in his tummy, but makes it clear he wants it all iyswim. He drinks water out of his cup and really enjoys that too.
I'm not sure if it's a problem, but he's loads less interested in bf. Throughout the day feeds last around a minute or two now - obviously just a quick thirst quench. He takes probably only 3 big feeds a day - bedtime, waking time and usually one in the afternoon. Is this enough? I know it's natural he would want less when cramming food into his mouth three times a day, but I keep thinking of 'food is for fun until you are one' and feel a little bit concerned he is lowering his milk intake too young.
He is very bright and cheerful, lots of energy...feel I've just answered my own question! But would still like some opinions. Thanks smile

milkyjo Sun 21-Aug-11 19:20:14

Yes sounds the same as my DS. Wasn't too sure which one to post in so I posted in weaning instead. He'll take about 2 minutes to spoonfeed, he finishes ALL his meals, he'll cram as much in his mouth as possible and really is not fussy with any food - he loves it, full stop! I thought he would never refuse a breastfeed as he used to feed every 2 hours in the day, he's obviously found another love! Glad others are having the same issues as it does sound quite normal now!

Angel786 Tue 23-Aug-11 08:59:11

Was about to post the same thread! Dd is 8.5 mtgs and lost interest in milk once she started solids. Have stopped bf and try to give her 3 bottles of 7 oz. Per day but sometimes we really struggle as she pushes it away, closes her mouth and turns her head away - v clear she doesn't want it! Loves her food and water tho. I think she's ok as she seems to poo etc all q normally too.

My concern was because i've heard several times babies need milk to grow and she's only 7.5 kg.

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