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How do I stop the early morning chewing?

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HotGiggity Sun 21-Aug-11 10:53:52

ds is 13months now and I still breastfeed in the morning and the evening.

Every morning he gets up at five and comes in our bed and has milk, and for the first five minutes he feeds just fine, then he starts getting lazy and letting my nipple slip out of his mouth so I get sore when he's feeding or he starts pinching me or he bites me. If I take him off and put my boob away he screams blue murder, and it's bad enough being woken up and chewed on at five, I can't face being screamed at as well.

I'm getting really tired of it, but don't really feel like it's a good reason to stop. Does anyone have any advice?

He's fine in the evening, he feeds then goes to bed without a peep.

33goingon64 Sun 21-Aug-11 15:07:43

I am no expert at all but sounds like a habit that you could do with breaking for everyone's sake. At that age could you give him milk from a bottle or cup? Why persevere with it if it's making life difficult? Sorry, not sure what else to suggest. Hope it gets better!

rubyslippers Sun 21-Aug-11 15:10:01


My DD went through a phase of this

As she got teeth and then more of them her latch changed and she grazed and chewed

When he feeds at 5 am is he dozing? If DD gets sleepy on the boob her latch goes and she starts to grate (literally!!)

She is 22 months now and she doesn't chew any more -

Zimm Mon 22-Aug-11 10:25:18

Ekk 33goingon64* I'm sorry but you are wrong - a morning feed at 13 months is not a habit it's an essential part of the baby's nutrition. OP - is your DS teething - I find DD (same age) latch is all over the place when she is and I tolerate some chewing! Also it sounds like he is still pretty tired at that time hence his lazy latch - could you try a quick feed and then resettle him? Otherwise I'd grit my teeth - it's no doubt a phase that will pass. Not pleasant though. One more thought - could you change position? so sit up if you normally feed lying down or vice versa? I find this can help with rubbish teeth ridden latches!

HotGiggity Mon 22-Aug-11 21:49:38

Thanks for the replies, as i said before I don't really want to give up the morning feed, my poor husband, for weeks now I've been back and forth with the 'icant do it anymore' and he just smiles and says he supports whatever I decide.

He is teething but then when is he not teething now...we've got nine of the bloody things.

We've tried a quick feed and resettle but he doesn't like to be rushed and it seems to upset him even more.

He was a bit better this morning and after he'd finished he climb onto me and went to sleep again, so I wonder if it's maybe that really he just wants to get close. He seems to have a bit of separation anxiety at the moment and gets upset if he watches me leave a room (doesn't seem to realise if I leave when he's not looking) or go somewhere he can't follow.

I'll try changing position, we do feed lying down, but he's a wriggler and might do better in a more secure position.

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