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Just when I bought nice non BF bra my DS has gone BF mad again!

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Mimmit Sat 20-Aug-11 21:58:30

My DS is 16 months and has always been a keen BFer day and night. About 3 weeks ago I managed to wean him at night and had cut it right back to morning and bedtime feed. He showed signs of going of those too.

He was a bit under the weather and suddenly, without realising how it happened, I find myself feeding him about 3 times in the day and at least twice at night. In between he is constantly tugging at my top and gets really cross when I pass him a beaker instead.

I feel torn. I think he is teething and want to help/comfort him but I feel ready to stop bf. He is quite rough and he sseemed to be learning to sleep better and be more content with fewer feeds. I was feeling better too. I had more energy and had just treated myself to my first "normal" bra in ages sad

I think it slipped when I was really tired. I feel so shattered I find myself giving in because his tantrums when I say no seem worse than when I weaned him originally confused

Does anyone have any suggestions please. I think I just need a bit of support to galvanise myself to go through it all again.

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