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Moving a 1 year old from a bottle to a cup

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Pfriend Sat 20-Aug-11 19:31:17

Hi all,
I am trying to move my baby (just 1) from a bottle to a cup for his milk. He has two bottles a day (on waking and at bedtime) and I would like to keep him having 2 milks a day. He already drinks water during the day from a tommee tippee free flow. But when we have tried in the morning to give him his milk in a cup he just dissolves into tears and refuses to take the cup. Just cries until we give in and we give him his bottle. Have been trying for over a week. Haven't changed his milk, its the same formula. Have only tried in the morning, not the evening. Don't know what to do, any advice?

AKMD Sun 21-Aug-11 01:48:47

He might be really hungry and disorientated when he first wakes up so it might be better to try again at night time, or move his milk feed until after he has breakfast. DS is 17mo and will not drink milk from a lidded cup son we use an open plastic beaker.

LCRLCR Sun 21-Aug-11 02:40:53

Hi DD is 1 next week (hurrah) and we made an easy transition from breast to cup by going for a Nuby cup with a silicone straw. She was hopeless with the Tommy Tippee free flow cups and just liked to tip them upside down but loves the straw, thinks its heaps of fun so you could try that? I don't recommend the Tommee Tippee straw cups though, they've got a funny valve system that gets blocked up easily. Good luck!

33goingon64 Sun 21-Aug-11 10:32:41

Try a doidy cup (made by biccipeg). He can see the milk in the cup coming towards him. Might be a nice distraction/bit like a game. It might spill the first few times til he gets he hang if it.

fifitot Sun 21-Aug-11 10:37:20

Was wondering about this as DS has 2 bottles and is also 1. What's the problem though if he stays on his bottle a bit longer? He gets his teeth cleaned morning and night so not so worried about that.

Everything is always a rush to the next stage so was hoping just to keep on the bottle for a few more months until he can take an open cup more easily.

Pfriend Mon 22-Aug-11 20:48:30

Thanks all, some good tips there.

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