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Finally, someone in RL to help me, I'm so happy!!

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BettyBum Sat 20-Aug-11 07:53:53

Have had lots of help on here but after lots of little problems I finally tracked down a very experienced LC in our area. She phoned me last night and is coming round this morning. I'm so so happy to have a chance to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about after being told lots of different things by midwives, health visitors and doctors.

Hurrah! Hopefully can put these problems behind us and enjoy breastfeeding after 7 hard weeks...

crikeybadger Sat 20-Aug-11 08:23:54

Good news smile.

Hope you get everything sorted out.

BettyBum Sat 20-Aug-11 18:05:20

Thanks. Had let latch get lazy.

The LC was excellent. Her mentor is none other than Dr Jack Newman!

I managed to see her for free but she is shortly going to go private...

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