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Expressing in SCBU - mastitis?

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silverangel Fri 19-Aug-11 11:08:48

I have been exclusively expressing for my twins in SCBU, they are going on the breast for 5-10 mins a day to get them used to what they are doing but mainly fed through NGT. I've been. Pretty much left to it by the nurses. The last couple of days have been fevery / shivery, feeling pretty rotten. Boob is quite hot but no red marks. Does this sound like mastitis? Do I just keep pumping through it? Milk supply has def gone down on left side.

Any tips / pointers greatfully received!

deemented Fri 19-Aug-11 11:15:26

It does sound like Mastitis, especially the feeling rotten bit.

When DS2 was in NICU and i was expressing for him, i got mastitis too, and a horrible green goo came out of my nipple - i told the NICU nurse and she asked me to give what i'd expresse to her, and it was sent to the lab and i was asked to pump and dump for about a week.

Have you spoken to the staff and told them you think you may have mastitis? That'd be one of the things i'd do, and keep pumping, definately. Try and rest as much as is possible - not easy. i know.

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